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Star Trek Online agrega a Kate Mulgrew como Janeway y Mirror Janeway en Shadow’s Advance

Captain Kathryn Jane way comes to via to the stars online with Kate Outgrew returning as his voice. can reveal that Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios will bring Captain Jane way from via to the stars: traveler to via to the stars online for the first time in ADVANCE OF THE SHADOW. The update, celebrating Via to the stars online is 12th anniversary, debuts today on PC once maintenance is completed. The update will reach the consoles in March. Next Via to the stars online The previous season with the theme of Mirror Universe, VANCE OF THE SHADOW will present the players to Jane way from Prime Timeline and his counterpart of the Mirror Universe. The players will embark on a mission that will also involve Captain Kill (Mary Wiseman of via to the stars: Discovery) and Admiral LEGTA (Chase Master son de Star Trek: deep space NINE). Advance of the Shadow presents a new featured episode, a new operation of the Space Working Group and an anniversary event to unlock the T6 Jarek Alliance Carrier.

In a Via to the stars online First, players can play the Mirror Universe version of their captain in the new prominent episode, Red Shift. The captains join the terrestrial forces led by Marshall Jane way (with the voice of Outgrew) to kidnap someone of great importance from the Jupiter station in the Federation space. Then, they will join Captain Kill (Mary Wiseman), the Mirror Universe version of Ensign Tilly de via to the stars: Discovery. The new season follows the perspective of the Jane way Admiral of the Universe Prime while she renewing the story of her feats.

Via the stars online will offer a version of what Jane way posted video career seems. Perfect World provided exclusively the Jane way full timeline before the Shadow’s Advance events. The timeline follows:

As commander of the USS Voyager, Kathryn Jane way was the first captain of the Federation to explore the Delta quadrant and established the first contact with more species than any captain from James T. Kirk. The intelligence, consideration, dedication and diplomacy of it was worth the respect and recognition of it as one of the most decorated captain in the history of the star fleet.


  • 2336: Kathryn Jane way was born on May 20 in Bloomington, Indiana, on the planet Earth, daughter of Vice Admiral Jane way and Gretchen Jane way. (Source – Via to the stars: traveler)

  • Early race

She attended the Academy of the Starlet and developed a love for coffee while studying, a habit that would later become the vice of her aboard USS voyager. (source – via to the stars: traveler)


  • The first mission of it in the star fleet was aboard the USS Al Batman under the command of Captain Owen Paris, she served as a scientific director during the expedition of Arias. (Source – Via to the stars: traveler)

  • 2371.

  • Given the command of USS Voyager, a new Star Ship Intrepid Class. Here’s first task was to locate a ship Marquis that disappeared in Badlands during a mission. (Source – Via to the stars: traveler)

  • A displacement wave launches the Video 0,000 light years through the galaxy in the delta quadrant. (Source – Via to the stars: traveler)

  • She made the first contact with several alien species during the first years of her as captain, including the Civilians, the Siberians and several others. (Source – Via to the stars: traveler)

  • 2374: Contact was restored with the stellar fleet through an alien retransmission station, informing that video is stranded in the delta quadrant and that most of the crew is still alive. (Source – Via to the stars: traveler)

  • 2378 – She commanded the USS voyager back to the ground through the Transwarp Borg conduit. After the return of the stellar ship, she was ascended to Vice Admiral. (Source – Via to the stars: traveler)

  • 2383 – She appears as a training hologram to guide six marginalized young people who have taken command of an abandoned stellar ship called USS protoestrella. (Source – Star Trek: Prodigy)

  • 2411: Admiral Jane way was present in the attack on Jupiter station by the Empire Terran. She recruited help so much of her own universe as the so-called mirror universe to recover what was stolen. (Source – Via to the stars online

Via at the stars online The design director of Al Rivera shared some of his favorite Jane way moments with They include the Year of Hell of two parts, the end of the Voyager series «Endgame» and the episode «Macrocosm».

In ‘macrocosm’, the USS Video is infected with a macro virus, something that hits a little close to home these days, Rivera said. These are not ordinary virus. They are huge. The crew is almost incapacitated. Jane way channels the inside Ripley in this episode, and it is glorious. We see that she is not afraid to get their hands dirty and kill the swarm of virus-handedly. Totally wrong.

advance of samba Via also commemorates the stars in line 12th anniversary of. The game debuted on PC on 2 February 2010. Since then, millions of players around the world have created captains to explore the MMORPG version of the Star Trek universe. More than 12 years Via the stars in line has launched 25 seasons based content stories, 750 starships and more episodes than any television series Star Trek, all with the player in the center of the story. To celebrate, the game brings back the Stabilization Mission Omega molecules that players should find useful to win the boat anniversary this year, the T6 Jarek Carrier Alliance.

More content is included with the update advance samba. Here is the complete list provided by Perfect World:

  • New episode highlights – In the new episode Redshift, the players will form team with the quarterback Jane way and her Terran forces to capture an important individual in a secure facility.
  • New operation Working Group – The season today presents a new space TO five captains called Jupiter Status. Players must assemble a team of five to prevent the Terran Empire steal data from the Jupiter station.
  • Anniversary Event – Back by popular demand, developers have launched Stabilization Mission Omega molecules, which assigns players the task of stabilizing the Omega molecules that Q has spread throughout the galaxy. Participate in this event along with numerous episodes and associated TO Mirror Universe will unlock the boat anniversary this year, the T6 Jarek Carrier Alliance.