Intra Games, Snowmans Game Discount Event Progress

Intro Games (representative compensation) will celebrate the sale of the title of their publishing title today (25th) today (25th).

PLAYSTATION4 (PS4), this event, which conducts a PC steam platform, conducts a discount on a total of 52 titles, and some titles are subject to up to 80% discount.

Through the PlayStation STORE (PS STORE), the Sherlock Holmes Chapters, which updated the third paid DLC, which has been released on September 9 last year, and the Sherlock Holmes Chapters Won, which has been updated on January 20th this year. ‘Sherlock Holmes Chapter One’ is a deluxe edition, including the general edition, and 20% of the season paths.

In addition, the title of Nippon CHI Software, such as ‘Shikhar River 2’, ‘Witch and White Weathered 2’ and ‘Witch and White Weathered Rivne’, I was included. In addition, the Reindeer Proven Diann, which is developed by the Gaffes Games and the Perfect World is published, is also sold to both the Mother Subject and Additional Content, and the summary.

‘Shin Harari Kali 2’ is Korean in advance in the first half of this year, dealing with the previous story of the three rights to the previous work of the Shikhar Kali 3, which is in advance of the domestic launch, The reaction was obtained. It is a good opportunity to experience the experience of the launch of Shikhar River 3 ‘. SNK’s ‘Samurai Showdown’ is also sold at the end of the general edition and deluxe edition, and all three seasonal passes are sold at affordable prices.


‘Ultra Age’ is a game that has been popularized as a colorful action that utilizes multiple weapons, with various weapons, and a variety of functions in the first half of this year,

The Publishing Title discount in Intro Games is a PS store on January 26, PC steam proceeds from January 27. Event termination is PC steam on February 3, PS STORE is February 9. Detailed discount rate for each title can be found in each platform star store.