Dark Souls: Developer lock important function to protect you

From Software was forced to switch off the PVP servers of the PC versions of the Dark Souls series. Allowing everything to protect you and your data.

Dark Souls: PVP server shut down for hackers

The Dark Souls series is one of the best known franchises worldwide and is notorious for the degree of difficulty in the games. Nevertheless, or maybe therefore, the series remains not spared hackers. The discovered a dangerous vulnerability at Dark Souls 3 . According to the game Game rant, you should gain access to private information, paralyze computers and run programs in the background.

As a precaution and to investigate the whole, from software on the official Twitter account confirmed that the PVP servers of Dark Souls: Remastered, Dark Souls 2 and Dark Souls 3 were switched off . This only applies to the PC versions. The console versions are not affected.

(Source: Game rant)

Dark Souls: Community is glad, but expresses critical

Most respond to the message positively and thank the responsible for the solution, but criticize the entire situation.

I’m glad you finally deal with the problem, but the technical companies must stop ignoring the safety of users if their big mistakes were privately communicated. That’s disappointing, Ram wrote on Twitter.

So much I also treasure the efforts that are now being done, hackers who make such a shit, have been a issue for years with so many of your games. Please finally implements an effective solution, because that literally destroys the online game on the PC. You’re welcome!

Whether from software can solve the problem completely, stands in the stars, but at least they reacted to protect your data .


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