Despite Tigges flash start: no winner in the duel of second representations

Dortmund’s trainer Enrico Maiden took four changes after the 3-1 victory at Waldo Mannheim: Culinary (return to calf problems), Kuhlmann, Roast and the often belonging to the Bundesliga squad of Tinges replaced Fins son, Samara, Enough and Fink.

Freiburg’s coach Thomas stem rotated twice compared to the 2: 3 against Magdeburg and made Atoll instead of Saucer between the posts ran, as well as extruded chamber build BAR from the starting elf.

An event-poor first half started rapidly: directly with the first conclusion, Tinges, who for the first time since the end of August were back for the second team, launched the homeowners (5th). In the episode, the sports club brought himself again and again through mistakes in the construction game itself in the Redouble, the BVB had the consequence in the last third but missing. Tinges was prevented from chamber builders at the last moment at his second goal shot (22.).


On the other side, things were hardly enough. Although the Freiburg strengthen the end of the first passage and employed the BVB defensive more – without conclusion. Several times Keeper Drama clarified far in front of his gate, once very hard against Engelhardt, without getting a foul whistling. Thomas tribe looked different, protested energetically and saw the only yellow card here (39.).

Leopold equals from the point

After change, SC-goalkeeper Atoll also attentive to a wild excursion. The dribbling luck the 19-year-old finale against his penalty area against Tax and Pherae (48.). Subsequently, Ezekiel knocked on compensation with the first SC goal shot (51.), but the BVB was quasi-herself in front of: Culinary foul Wagner in the five-meter room, the penalty pounded Leopold Casual in the middle of the latte (54th).

After the counter, BVB coach changed Meyers triple, but the Dortmund did not get really back into play. On both sides, the protrusions remained piecework and ran one more in the sand. Just before the end, both keepers were demanded again and kept the upper hand against Bauer (87.) and Fink (89.). The inglorious closing point Maloney sat with a smooth red card, which he seems to pick up for an unportable exclamation (90. + 1).

For the BVB it goes on Wednesday (19 clock) in Saarbrücken, Freiburg will receive the day before at the same time Turkic Munich.