What awaits Everquest and Everquest 2 this year? A detailed list of news

Ever quest and Ever quest 2 do not go to that world.

Dark paw Games (part of the Daybreak Game Company) still intends to develop both servers products. It is precisely presented by the exact road map ( here and here ), which includes new products and changes that will occur in EQ and EQ2 in 2022.

What awaits ever quest?

  • Resume Community Resource Council
  • 64-bit servers and client
  • New Content
  • New progressive servers
  • Server Merge
  • Update of Heroic (they will start from 100 LVL)
  • Anticipate improvement
  • Improved interface
  • Great Appendix (premiere at the end of the year)

What awaits Ever quest 2?

  • Server Merge
  • Opening the legendary server
  • New rallies and dungeons
  • New Time-Locked Expansion server
  • 64-bit servers and client
  • A great addition with new regions
  • Festivals, Events and further improvement of the Mechanic game

Ever quest will celebrate his 23rd birthday this year (year of publication 1999), and Ever quest 2 18th birthday (year 2004).

Graphically, these are not too attractive titles, but they make up the climate and playability. Tens of thousands of subscribers (persons paying for an optional monthly subscription) did not come from anything.