Bayer Leverkusen | living room

Young international Florian With is already one of the formative figures of the Football Bundesliga at the age of 18 years — and also thanks to his big sister.

It starts with that we played and fought earlier in the smallest space in the living room, he said in the double interview with Julian With the magazine 11freunde : This gives us a certain battle hardness early.

Like Florian, Julian With has now made it to Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga, the little brother served quite as a role model. My brother’s skills were often an incentive for me, she said, If I completed an extra unit with my father, he said, This or that makes the Flora well. Try, if you That’s what it can do.

The different framework conditions between the women’s and men’s football are still tremendous from the point of view of Florian With. Of course I would wish that my sister can play football under the same conditions as me, he said, but that’s another way.