War Thunder

[Todays steam] Fusem reputation,

On the 15th, the Gad of War launched on Steam, was ranked first in the world’s worldwide sales volume in one day. In the past, God of War was the second place, and announced the blast, and it has been exposed to the first time after its release.

In 2018, the newly known as the PS4 monopoly, was a convincing of the unique action of the series, while living in the unique action of series. The game and fun have already been verified, but recently, a part of the console game that is implanted to the PC was a part of the optimization and operation in terms of operation,

But God of War is revealing the strength from the beginning of steam. With the first place for sales, the steam-to-business simultaneous access to 65,403 concurrent users, and seated at 19 in the entire game. If you think of a single-central game without multiplayer, you can not be a remarkable performance. Gad of Wars team user rating is overwhelmingly positive (97%) overview of 6,058 reviews, which is a positive level of graphical enhancements based on DSS, soft frames, comfortable keyboard / mouse manipulation.

The monster hunter, which was the first time, and the monster Hunter Rise, who was ahead of the existing sales volume, and the Eldon Ring, ahead of the release, is ahead of the release, and the 6th place and 7th place, keeping the 6th and 7th place.


On the other hand, at the top simultaneous connection TOP20, the Top20, the Civilization of Seed Meyer, who has been departed from the Rocket League and the Final Fantasy 14,