WoW Patch 9.2: Deserter in the Weared Solo-PVP Queue

WOW, Patch 9.2 Finally brings a fan of fans for a desired feature to Zeroth, at least partially: if the update enters the title The end of eternity, the developers want to test for the first time evaluated solo queues for the PVP of WOW, with a rougher. The fans have already discussed this feature in detail in the context of of the new community councils and, among other things, express concerns about deserters. The developers have now expressed themselves.

Penalties for deserters and the protection paladin problem

The WoW team writes in an official Blue post (via TOWHEAD) that there are concrete plans so that deserters in the solo queue will not become a problem

  • If a player leaves a game early, All rounds (even previously completed rounds of the same match series) are considered as if the person concerned would have lost them. This has fatal effects on the rating of deserters in dared PVP -Battle.
  • Who leaves a game early, gets a deserter rebuff upset, which prevents him on the queue again. At the repeated early leave, this rebuff stables (first offense: 15 minutes, each further within 24 hours plus another 5 minutes).

In addition, the developers in the solo queues want the protective palatine only against other protective palatine matches to compensate for their advantage of the off-healing. Other tanks should be mixed against each other.

Honor for soloists


Last but not least, there were few information about the rewards for the solo shuffle version of the roughing: players should be able to farm about it very efficiently, with the solo shuffle being the most efficient form of honor farm in patch 9.2. The availability of the Solo Shuffles remains independent of the other roughing and is displayed with a separate button in the PVP interface.

Now we want to know about you: What do you think of these announcements in relation to the solo PVP queue in patch 9.2? Write us your opinion in the comments!