The name of Manuela was changed in the Latin version of faith: Three Houses

A few years ago since Fire Emblem: Three Houses He arrived at Nintendo Switch , and without a doubt, it is one of the best experiences that you can enjoy in the hybrid console. The Play has a lot of characters with whom you can socialize, and one of them is Manuela . But apparently, the name of this teacher was changed in his Spanish version.

Didyouknowgaming, a popular channel in YouTube that is responsible for sharing all kinds of curiosities related to the video game industry, revealed that due to the simultaneous launch that had Three Houses around the world There were a couple of things that Nintendo and Intelligent Systems overlooked. According to this channel, the name Manuela was changed in the Latin American version of the game to Miguel , this because, as surely you already know, this word also alludes to male masturbation. You can check it yourself in minute 4:52 of the following video.

We do not know exactly how true this data is, because we remember that other thousand characters of Nintendo have also received name changes in our region for any reason in apparent, so Manuela It could have been others Of these cases. Of course, I would also have a certain sense that they will change the name of it for the reason we mentioned earlier, but I repeat, this has not been verified in its entirety.

Editor’s note: Well, this was a fact that I did not know and that certainly took me by surprise. I do not doubt that Nintendo is well familiar with Mexican allures, but I did not think that they were going to take a measure as drastic as to change the name.