Playground Games: Studio Director and co-founder leaves companies

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Today, Microsoft and Playground Games announced that Gavin Rayburn leaves the developer studio after twelve years.

Rayburn is co-founder of Playground Games, known through the successful racing game series Fora Horizon. He also leaves his post as a Studio Director.

Trevor Williams, also co-founder of the studio and so far General Manager, now takes over the post as a Studio Head, while concentrating on updates to the current Fora Horizon 5 and the development of Fable.

Playground Games | Game Studio Showcase

After 12 years of work on five award-winning Fora Horizon games, Gavin Rayburn Playground Games leaves as a studio director. As a founding member of Playground Games, we thank GAV for his leadership qualities and contributions to the Fora franchise and wish him all the best. Co-founder Trevor Williams will switch to the Studio Head with immediate effect from the General Manager, as the Playground Games team focus on updates for Fora Horizon 5 and the development of Fable.