Planning Happy New Year Which PC system configuration to meet next-generation hardware

There is always an idea and goal just before the year-end or the sun goes. Although it can be thought of as a diet or savings, but it is done to replace PC components such as graphics cards, such as I can not help but have a CPU or a rather than that than I was ducking than it.

Of course, the graphics cards mentioned above have been quiet this year, and the price was more rather than thought, and it is difficult to touch because it has been more than a few days. Fortunately, the monitor has not changed yet, so there is no big problem because I can not change the graphics card that I’m holding because I do not change the monitor.

Except for the graphics card, the components that make up the PC can be a variety of ways to construct a variety of functions from different parts to each other. Recently, Intel has released the 12th generation CPU ALLAN, which has grafted new technologies, which has also changed the standard as an LGA 1700 socket in an existing LGA 1200 socket through a more precise NATO design (10 nm process, Intel 7).

The period of about 10 years has passed and the standard of RAM has changed. DDR4 specifications have been standardized in 2012, now the DDR5 standards are emerging by one of them. The newly emerged DDR5 RAM showed a global semiconductor standard start clock 4,800mt / s, showing an improvement of about 1.5 times compared to the previous DDR4 RAM, and the efficiency was lowered by lowering the power to a 1.1V voltage.

Through this new technology, CPU and RAM from the world have made a lot of changes to the hardware market, and the main board has changed accordingly as sockets and arrangements vary. LGA 1700 Socket specifications, and the main board to meet next-generation hardware accommodating DDR5 RAM.

The next-generation PC system component described above (12th generation CPU and DDR5 RAM) is to learn a variety of performance, and to do direct benchmarks and games. The previous main board used the Z chipset main board Gigabyte Z690 Across Master compatible with both the 12th generation CPU and DDR5 RAM.

Compatible with Intel’s top-level chipset, Gigabyte Z690 Across master compatible with the Z chipset, supports DDR5 4000MHz / DDR5 4800MHz memory modules and is the main board that is released to the LGA 1700 socket. High quality ALC1220 audio chipset was applied, and it shows a stable and stable by equipped with a direct digital power supply of 19 + 3 phases suitable for the performance-efficiency core structure of the 12th generation Intel CPU (and similarity to other big-little structures).

■ Test Next Generation Hardware System Configuration

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■ Complete mounting! Do you want to see it from performance?
3d mark

Cine bench R23

CPU-Z computation performance test

■ Performance confirmation, let’s feel directly, let’s feel it.

Diablo 2 reservoir


Diablo 3

■ Finish…

I have configured a PC system through the 12th generation CPU, DDR5 RAM, and the main board that came accordingly. The performance is performance, and the game tests were all advected to the high quality environment, and they were able to enjoy it comfortably despite the progress.

There was certainly not a part of the system consisting of a system consisting of yet crazy new technologies, or it has not yet been able to use or optimize. For example, in the case of a hybrid architecture used by the 12th generation CPU, there is a part of the Bios phase, which should be initially set in the biostracteria, which should also consider that settings may be difficult if the hardware or software is not much interested in the software.

In addition, as a result of the game play, it has been used for a long time through various tasks, and it was certainly a lot better than thought that considering the rumor or performance that was listed here and there.

Of course, in order to use the current performance as described above, the settings or updates of the bios are required to fully use. In addition, a few of the prices such as graphics cards and memory suitable for this configuration have been released, and the prices are also high and the products that are not available on high are also available.

However, if you are optimized and a variety of parts that meet your new product, if the price is stabilized, you will be able to be a good judgment when you think in a long period of time. For the time being, I would like to wait for a bullet until I drop the price.