Bleach Brave Souls gets a new year event

Bleach: Brave Souls, the Mobile and PC action game, launches a new business-time collaboration event for the new year. This event will showcase Spirit Characters ARE Forever with You, the latest novel of the Creator of Bleach, Time Bubo.

Players will be able to use special invocations including special versions of Brave Souls from Karachi Zara and Safe Rest Unhand. The spin brave souls on these important characters will be supervised by Time Bubo himself. Each character will also be an invocation ★ 5, players will therefore want to use them.

There will also be a history event included in the collaboration, Safe Untold Stories: Three. This event will provide players with an invocation ticket ★ 5 and other incredible rewards.

In addition to this exciting new collaboration, the New Year Campaign Part 1 will begin this Friday, December 31. Players can celebrate the New Year with many exciting competitions filled with price. Many things happen, then we plunge.

First, players can choose an invocation ★ 6 free. Players will create a list of 10 characters and will get a guaranteed. This is a great way to easily strengthen your team.

In addition, there is a countdown campaign that will reward the players with 100 soul tickets. This is just one of the many other campaigns, so be sure to connect to the application during the holidays!

There are other campaigns outside the game. There is a chance for up to 2022 winners in the Brave Souls New Year Giveaway RT campaign and the Who’s Your Pick? Hashtag campaign. Both can be found on the Twitter of the game page. These contests offer superb prices, including an Amazon gift card, a joystick, a poster and more.

So make sure you check the Bleach social media pages: Brave Souls for more information. What new character Safe will you choose?

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