Tower Defense STG X-Morph Defense Complete Edition PC version is distributed free of charge for a limited time At GOG

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PC game sales platform GOG.COM launched a free distribution of Tower Defense & Shooting Game X-Morph: Defense Complete Edition on December 27. The period is until 23:00 on December 29. By the way, it is a work of $29.99 (about 3400 yen). It seems that the game is compatible with Japanese language display.

PS4 day book version trailer

X-Morph: Defense Complete Edition is a Tower Defense & Shooter, released in 2017. The player invaded the Earth as an Earth Division X-Morph, on the stage where the world of the world including Japan is motif. From the attack of the Earth Army that is upset, we aim to keep the harvester core, which is the base of the aggression.

At the stage, the Earth military unit will attack with the aim of the harvester core. Apply and intercept the defense unit according to the invading route. It is also possible to stretch the laser fence and close the course and bypass. It is effective when attacking carefully with a unit with low installation costs. Conversely, there will be a strategy that breaks costs with high attack power and brought it to the short game.

In addition to the units placed in this work, it can be attacked by the fighter operated by the player themselves. There is an excellent balance type or ground attack, or a form equipped with an aerial war or a powerful laser, and can be deformed. It would be nice to choose according to the war situation. During two cooperative play, cooperation is likely to be important, for example, in unit arrangement and fighter.

Environments such as buildings in the stage are also characteristic of this work that almost everything is broken. The destroyed rubble blocks the course of the enemy, and you can use it for attacks and the destruction. In addition, the Earth army will introduce a huge Mecca, and the disturbance of the city will soon get a fierce attack. And if you clear the stage, you can get upgrades and new technologies.

X-MORPH DEFENSE Complete Edition GRATIS en GOG - WINTER SALE! - Solo por menos de 48 hs!

In addition to the game main story, Complete Edition, which is distributed this time, is included with additional content and soundtracks. Additional content is three types: European Assault Survival of the Fittest and Last Bastion. New missions and survival modes are included in Europe and survival modes.

X-Morph: Defense Complete Edition is distributed free of charge until 23:00 on December 29 at GOG.COM. Create a new GOG account, create a new, and then click Yes, and Claim THE GAME in a dedicated banner in the middle of the store top page to obtain the DRM free version of this work. You can also play and play after the end of the period.