Handball Contract with national coach Gislason extended until 2024

Alfred Gílson (born 7 September 1959) is an Icelandic handball coach as well as previous player. He is the existing head trainer of the German male’s national team and also previous trainer of the Icelandic male’s national team. His mentoring career began in 1997 with A and he later on trained THE Kiel for 11 seasons. He was the Icelandic Sportsperson of the Year in 1989 as well as was named to the National Olympic and also Sports Organization of Iceland Hall of Fame in 2019.

Alfred Gílson remains until at least 2024 national coach of the German handball. The Icelander and the DUB agreed on an extension of the contract currently on the end of February 2022.

At some point in the spring of 2021, it looked as to end the journey of Alfred Gílson as a national coach of the German Handball Federation (DUB) prematurely. The circumstances were tragic. Gílson’s wife Kara was dying, and to spend the last days with her in the home of Iceland, the coach even considered the termination of his contract. He has now extended for two more years until 2024 shortly before Christmas Eve.

The new term includes the World Cup 2023 in Poland and Sweden, the EM 2024 in Germany and the 2024 Olympics in Paris. I am pleased that I can continue the way with the national team from the beginning of good talks, Gílson said, We have taken on a lot in recent months. I am sure that the further development of the Currently very young and inexperienced team will make much pleasure. The prerequisite is that we get time for this path.

Gílson was promoted as successor to Christian Proof in March 2020. He fits very well with all his experience to the rebuilding of our national team, said DUB President Andreas Michelin: This new and young formation will be able to use such an experienced coach as a rock in the surf very well. Therefore, in the presidium, clearly pronounced for a contract renewal.

The 62-year-old Alfred Gílson is one of the most successful clubs in the world. With the SC Magdeburg and the THE Kiel he became a total of seven times German masters and won the Champions League three times.

DUB team at WM historically bad

With the German national team he had a bumpy start in pandemia times. The World Cup in January 2021 in Egypt finished the DUB team as twelfth with the worst result of the association history. At Olympia in Tokyo, Germany failed in the quarterfinals of Egypt. Next goal of Gílson and the national team is the upcoming European Championship in Slovakia and Hungary (13 to 30 January).

And even there the problems will not be smaller, the circle of title candidates does not include the national team with their nine tournament debuts. With the 21-year-old Julian Foster from VFL Gummersbach, after several prominent cancellations in recent weeks, a second division professional was nominated.

DUB team for the first time by Golda

It’s the best possible squad under these circumstances. He will be able to talk about themselves, Gílson said at a virtual media appointment on Tuesday. He is sure that we will be on the plate from the first second on the plate.

The 19-member bid is led by the season highlight for the first time from Neu-Captain Johannes Golda. With goalkeeper Andreas Wolff, the backspace players Julius Kuhn, Kai Hefner and Simon Ernst as well as district runners Jannie Kohlbacher are still five actors who had won the EM title 2016 with the DUB selection.

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