The creators of Back 4 Blood and Left 4 Dead join Tencent one more of his latest shopping

Turtle Rock Studios (formerly called Shutoff South) is an independent multiproject business, situated in the heart of Orange Region, The Golden State. They prosper in an open and joint atmosphere, which is driven by Chris Ashton as well as Phil Rob founders.

Turtle Rock Studios has announced a few minutes ago the purchase of your parent company, Slam fire, by Tencent Games in an operation rated as historical by the creators of Back 4 Blood and Left 4 Dead, ensuring that Asian conglomerate has guaranteed its independence.

By joining Tencent Games, in addition to having access to more resources and experience, we have found a partner that encourages us to be more ambitious and visionary. Although our company has been acquired, we will continue to be independent under the direction of Our Founders, Phil Rob and Chris Ashton, explain in a note.

Turtle Rock expects to convert Back 4 Blood into a long-term franchise What are the steps to follow after this purchase? According to Evolve’s authors also, the intention goes by continuing to support Back 4 Blood, premiered in stores on October 8 under the edition of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and develop new and exciting multiplayer experiences. In addition, we can do something that we had never done before as a study: converting a universe that we created in a true long-term triple-a franchise. The Back 4 Blood saga arrived to stay and work on it in the future, they add.

Back 4 Blood had a good premiere, but its popularity soon fell below the numbers of Left 4 Dead, also developed by the California team. Despite this, its authors were always clear to bet by delivering periodic updates to the video game that now, with this acquisition of Tencent, they will be reinforced. You can read more about this cooperative multiplayer shooter in the Back 4 Blood analysis where Carlos Gallegos defined it as a tremendously versatile title.

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A few days ago we knew from the increasingly close acquisition of Sumo Group, which includes great digital and other studies, while in recent months its entry into the capital of the Creators of The Medium and in that of the Yooka-Laylee developers. Everything seems to indicate that Tencent Games will keep the shopping cart active waiting for more opportunities.