New World That s why the Streamer Shroud defends the MMO against critic

Furthermore, New World has to plug in a lot of criticism. Currently, many fans affect the endgame and the lack of long-term motivation at the MMO. But The Streamer Michael Shroud Greek continues to hold on and even defends it against some critics.

Why is Shroud so optimistic at New World?

While of a LiveStream last weekend, some of his viewers wondered why he continues to play New World, although it was obviously bad. They also spoke completely open and doubted at the judgment of the streamer. Shroud replied thereafter:

New World is bad? Boy, it gets perfect. It gets perfect. The next update in January. I assume that it will bring the dungeon mutations with them. You will be able to take the dungeons to mutate. This is like the mythic + content in World of Warcraft. (…) You will need good equipment. (…) You will need this equipment, otherwise there is a wipe. (.:) I’m really looking forward to these mutations, I’m super excited. As long as you distribute good rewards for it. Should you get the same old mist out, I’m really upset.

When exactly come the dungeon mutations?

Shroud talks to a feature for New World (Buy €39.99 now) that the developers of Amazon Game Studios have already brought into conversation. However, it is not exactly known when it will find the way into the game. Whether it — like Shroud suspects — actually already happens during the next month, remains to be seen. Currently, the players are still busy with the innovations from the December update.

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The Streamer Shroud defends the MMO New World against critic. (2) [Source: AGS]

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