The Gunk Out now on Xbox and PC

The Gunk - Reveal Trailer

The brand-new science-fiction exploration title based on a story, The Gunk, is available today on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. Advertised in July at Xbox Showcase, Thunderous’s is based on the search for the source of a strange hypnotic substance that removes the ecosystem from a mysterious planet.

The story follows Ran, a spatial carrier that stumbles on an apparently sterile planet with his Becks partner while the duo looking for remains. Mysterious grime recovering this planet requires partners to stop their research and focus on searching for the source of grime.

Therefore, it leaves many unanswered questions. What is mysterious grime, and what happened to the old civilization that left only ruins? Because no one is there, it’s the duo to solve this mystery and save the planet.

The Gunk focuses on exploration, encouraging players to explore this diversified extraterrestrial world. The strange fascinating world has a variety of biomes ranging from rocky canyons to dense jungles and deep underground caves. So there is always something interesting to explore.

However, dirt quickly makes each sterile environments quickly, then Ran and Becks have to work quickly. Use the Ran Flu Sucking Glove to discover the flourishing ecosystem removed by grass.

As players progress in history, Ran will browse the world and add it to its logbook. This is where players can start drilling the mystery of the planet.

Visit the Xbox Game Store or Xbox Game Pass to download The Gunk today. Do you think you can solve the mystery in time to save this extraterrestrial planet?

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