Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo turns on PC

In the computer game sector, 2021 is anticipated to see the release of numerous brand-new video games. The numerous delays in software and equipment launches due to the extension of the COVID-19 pandemic heavily impacted development timetables, leading to many games being delayed into this year or forever. Furthermore, computer as well as console hardware was impacted by the mixed effects of semiconductor shortage (partially from post-COVID-19 impacts) and an increasing development of bitcoin mining that stressed the supply of critical elements.

Have you ever suffered a dizzy? Whoever has changed your perception that you feel at the edge of madness? Let’s hope no, but if you wanted to try, Pendulum Studios brought your luck on PC. Today, Alfred Hitchcock: Vertigo arrives at PC. Based at about the movie of Alfred Hitchcock of the same name, Vertigo brings a new narrative adventure to the game. A Pendulum press release provides more details.

The game is a real introspective experience that will challenge the own sense of players’ mental health. Says the statement.

Presenting a story told under three angles, the player is challenged to find the truth. Interlaced in the perspectives is a tale on obsession, manipulation, memory and pure madness. A tale that begins with a car accident, and develops by vertigo, both metaphorical and literal.

Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo | GamePlay PC

The announcement of the output on PC is also accompanied by a launch trailer.

Are you a murderer? Are you dangerous? Completely crazy? These are some of the questions that the trailer pose to the player. In addition to showing a part of the basic gameplay, the trailer refers to the twisted and vertiginous scenario of the game. It refers to some characters the player will take control to unravel the story. Yet, what memory can the player really trust?

The press release explains that players must Explore several chronologies to cross the events and separate the reality of misleading memories.

Alfred Hitchcock: Vertigo is available today on Steam. In addition, Pendulum Studios expects a console output in the current of 2022. In addition, players can control the luxury digital editing of the game that includes an art book, the original band, game filters, wallpapers, etc.

Are you ready to sink into madness?

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