Devs Sisters the first cash dividend after listing Shareholder returns

[Data provided: Devs Sisters]

Devs Sisters Announces the first dividend policy since 2014 listed

The company’s right to protect the rights of shareholders who have been supported by the company,

2021 Business Year Individual Financial Statements Prepared to depend on the net profit of 10% of net profit

Devs Sisters has been published today (13 days) today, as part of a shareholder returned to the shareholder’s earnings and shareholding management.

Devs Sisters has created profits based on the global launch of and and has been established as a steady growth in the Oven Brake, and afterwards, we have been able to protect the shareholders who supported the company I will give you a value of value. This is the first time a dividend policy announcement after 2014 listed.

The dividend standard date is on December 31, 2021, and the dividend payment will be set to 10% of the net profit of the net profit of the business year of the business year in 2021. This is finally confirmed by the general shareholder general meeting of March next year.

DEV Sisters has increased by 404%, and W268.2bn, which has increased by 404% Qom due to the accumulation of 2021, through the quarterly report, and sales of operating profit and net profit increased to W50.9bn and W42.6bn. It has a bar.

In 2022, we carry out European campaigns of this year earnings, including Game Times and New IP Games launch, Global fan platform launch, etc. I am collecting expectations.

Yellowstone | Best of Beth Dutton (Seasons 1 & 2)

Devs Sisters said, I decided to share the cash dividends to share our achievements that have been afraid of this year, and shared with the shareholders who believed in the company, and said, In the future, as a company with stability and reliability, I will try to effort to be reduced.