Night City s past and present Cyberpunk 2077 1 year from that shock now when it should revisit

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From CD Project Red, Cyberpunk 2077 has been released, and one year has passed. Good and bad, no doubt that it is the most topic of 2020. Due to the disturbing release postponement (and the last postponement was ), although I felt disturbing air, I felt the original development period because the original development period is long I was expecting I wondered if it would be released. But the results have become rough, as you know….

At the end of October this year, the revised roadmap is released, and free DLC delivery has grown next year. But this work is a fact that this work has been updated as often as you can not say from the release date, and it is a fact that it has been a little, but the bug fix and specification improvement have been repeated. (Content except for items such as adding some cars and equipment) This article looks back on Cyberpunk 2077 from the time of release, and the current play feel after the year I will tell you the author’s prospects.

Frequent freeze. But I could not stop

First, let’s look back on the situation at the time of the release. Cyberpunk 2077 reports many bugs and freezes from the first day of the release, and in the flame state. In addition, CD Project Red, which developed that PS4 and Xbox One version performance and graphics have not been well known, and the develop source. Under these circumstances, developer and platformers have become an unusual situation that the applicants were compatible with the applicants.

At the time of the launch, I was helpful for frequent freeze and bugs, but also achieved all ending. If you are concerned, you can refund the full amount = no need to be purchased as a second-hand good, and it is a big factor, but more than that Cyberpunk 2077 world I want to know more-Title-like cyberpunk World Warrior I would like to go wild There was a lot of motivation, and it may not have gamers around the world. Therefore, I remember that the exchange of capture information has been exchanged at the same time.

Horny away-What happened to improved nightcitity?

Large-sized titles that have been released are exciting without denominating. And even if it was a problem, it was the nature of the authors that you want to narrow down and clear the wisdom more than bought. Cyberpunk 2077 is also a good work. As much as possible, I was capturing silently, but I want to exchange information about the gamers as much as the problem. Luckily this work was a big topic, so I did not go to the exchange of information. The excitement is just an enthusiasm, Such communication is even more fun than the game itself.

One year from that enthusiasm. I tried to play again with innumerable patched books. The environment is a normal PS4. I would like to divide the results of the bug fix and the fun of the game play. Before that, let’s list the bugs and specifications that were particularly worried about a year ago. Applying 45 GB patch on the first day I would be happy if you could not nostalgia for the players at that time.

The game suddenly ends once every 1 hour

Drawing of 3D models due to light reflection is disturbed

Change of view (one-person → third person) when driving car is not possible

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After the quest progress is branched, deployment of unknown side may occur at the same time

Each behavior in the event is unstable. Characters and cars are warped while intermixing

Not perfect, but significantly improved play feel

I created a new character and tried to play for about 10 hours. We will introduce the stability and playability in PS4. First, it is disappointed that an error occurs suddenly, and the termination is lost. almost. It is almost. At the place where I played for 10 hours, the killing ended only once. Since no quest events were not occurred, and there were now many characters or drawing, we believe that it is not due to the weight and hard performance of processing. (Error at the time of the release also occurred without appointment) Probably, it is a defect in Red Engine (CD ProJekt’s domestic game engine).

Operation Bug

Not only start-up stability, but also Operation failed has also been greatly improved. Changes in cars are immediately performed, and other key-lessons are better. But I feel that this is also not completely solved. Even if you press the viewpoint change button at the time of the car operation, there is only one response (or a large delay), and even if you press the △ button, it was rarely not to appear in the place where the weapon selection wheel should appear.. There is still a feeling that there is a slight and beta version Po.


There is no complaint about the PS4 version of the graphics, but it was an impression that the divisible place is divisible. The city illuminated by Night City Neon is the beauty of fit even compared to the current generation machine. Light reflections did not see the drawing bug that is disturbed by the object. Many object placement and smoking light source processing that utilized a miscellaneous atmosphere contributes to the unique air creation of this work, and think that it is a graphic of more than generation.

On the other hand, there is a place where you are doing more than the optimization performance,. LOD processing of the person is. Generally, although the object far from the camera is switched to a low resolution version, processing is reduced, but in this work, it seems that its own priority is set to an object. I’m going to play a body remodeled carefully with a repair dock, and I’m going to make my body remodeling, but the repair dock in the back of the clinic is a loss of LOD priority, Morning model like a wax person shaped. There were many things to face in the state. This is a point that you want to improve because it is not an exceptional play to obtain a super-fast car and observing a distant object.

Event behavior

The stability of the behavior during the event has been significantly improved. There was nothing to go to progress. A year ago, a year before the same line says twice or a moment of a person, a single year ago is 10 hours play only once during play. Bug frequency is low, but the scene of the problem is in a simple conversation, and it is not possible to move the self character This is a result of making a difficult operation on buggy. So I felt that I felt that it compared to the stability of the big game that came out in the last few years.

Play without problems, but the latest work is a sense of stability

Above, it was a report of the stability of this work that has continued to bug for a year. In general, I think it will be exhausted that will not yet reach the latest game. Even if it is not up to the open world game of PS3, it is nearly unstable. There is no way to get rid of the progress, and play is not interrupted, but comfortable can not be pressed. However, since the load time and screen transition itself did not feel hard with PS4, fine playability may also have a further improvement hand in the future.

Reassessing gameplay-Funny is complaining!

Next is about gameplay. In fact, about this part, the author’s impression is not very different from a year ago. Of course, it was not a bad meaning, and this revised was a recurring that it was fun and fun with the main quest and side quests. Except for some quests that keep hunting cyberspaces, there are many branches of deployment. Good person, bad guy, mutual. The room for role-play by the player itself is large and report. The quest clearance measures are also versatile, and the character of the hacker character unique to the hacker character and stealth unique to the cyberpunk can be active.

Volume is enough, but the side quest wants more as a level up means

However, the level of builds and credits required for builds, the constraints of money are quite severe, I felt that there wasn’t many quests when I was swinging around the build as expected…. In hacker character play when clearing a year ago, the tactics could be changed by replacing the cyberwar, so it did not worry about the slow and level up of the park acquisition. However, the proximity specialties aimed at this play takes a lot of time to change the war law. I think this problem does not fit the relationship between the author and coordination about the growth curve of the level up rather than shortage of content (short quest). If the current adjustment is a development concept about the level up, It is nice if the side quest with fine stories increases more. If this is cleared, the level or Dredges will rise, and the build of the character will be in time, or you can strengthen the build while enjoying the role-play…….

Free DLC is 2022! The attraction of night city should still deepen……

Finally, I would like to raise the points you want to expect to the free DLC that will appear in 2022. First, the use of lifespan. You can select a life space as the protagonist’s past configuration at the start of the game, but this was point that did not approximately affect gameplay was the right of the author. It is not used in the game too, so I forgot my life path. If possible, I would like you to change the progress of the quest, and you should be able to make the quest advantageously without changing it! Additional quests of DLC expect lives passes!

Next, A reinforcement of areas and forces with few quests. Clearing all quests is a place where you can not visit much. Nomad is spreading desert zone bad lamps, industrial areas, and stood checkouts. It is not bad for new areas, but The density of nightcitity, the attractiveness of this work, is happy if the density of nightcitity is only for quests. Do you want to see more people’s lives from the Knight City of Summaries, who has been felt more! ? Of course, it is also very welcome to have more events in Knight City!

As mentioned above, it was Cyberpunk 2077 after release. Even outside the game, it is a sign that the manufacturer should still be considered with the story that the package of the package after refund has become possible, but still the manufacturer should consider, but it feels like it is significantly moving. Have you received it? As I was able to enjoy it enough, I would like to buy the manufacturer as well as if DLC is delivered. I wrote severe things, but if you want to spend a decomposition year, please welcome to Night City of Nights!

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