Ubisoft would be developing an open world inspired by the Saga Splinter Cell

Rumors have been spinning around A new DECLINER CELL game in process Throughout all these months. It was last October when the NGC video game portal published the first convincingly convincing information: the famous web explained that an unprecedented episode of the SPLINTER CELL series would see the light in 2022. We did not know much, except for its development potential at Ubisoft. Well, another rumor has just appeared on the scene, and we can not stop thinking about what could come.

a Splinter Cell with touches of Assassin’s Creed and Halo Infinite

It has been Tom Henderson, a well-known NGC journalist and IGN, who revealed that the next game of Splinter Cell will be an open world centered on Stealth. Currently, in early development, Tom highlights some mentions of people involved in the project, as they are comparing the future title with Assassin’s Creed for Stealth HALO Infinite for their open world. Two well-known titles in the world of Video games that, combined, could give a new next-generation adventure with Sam Fisher that we do not want to lose ourselves. Of course, you do not know how much time it takes this SPLINTER CELL game in development or if it was made for the new Sony and Microsoft consoles, but its existence is increasingly concrete.

Thus, Ubisoft wants to resume the most beloved deliveries of its structure as it has done in recent years with the premiere of a trailer of Beyond Good & Evil, the Remake of Prince of Persia or new somewhat strangers and the Case of Avatar or very controversial as the game of NFT that came out a few days ago and that it did not really like the community. It will be necessary to see if this information is true and if, luckily, we see if it is confirmed during the Game Awards of this morning.

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