Lol The play that gives reason to Riot s plans and shows that teleport needs changes

Riot Games is preparing a gigantic change for next year of League of Legends. After many attempts to adjust the teleport, the developer prepared a new action plan for this invoked spell that could block its use during the first minutes of the game. A decision that would be taken to give something more action to the first minutes and avoid domain that this element continues to dominate the metagrand with the start of season 12.

A play shows that they are necessary changes

On the occasion of the division of opinions that has been in the community, a player wanted to share with the rest a play in which he exemplifies one of the great reasons why the spell could be about to change. In it, The ten players of the game arrive at the lower lane when the sixth minute was still passed to start a fight that ended up unbalanced a game that would end only eight minutes later with the surrender of the blue team.

In this particular case, are small disadvantages that mark the final result of the play. Although the difference between level five and six can be a single subject, its translation in such an early group fight can be devastating. It is true that the players could be reproached to attend the play knowing that they are not at the level of their rivals, but also that even the professional players of League of Legends have had problems with the control of the teleport.

With the settings, this type of situations should not take place, making it much easier to maintain the order of the line phase. Thus, the rule of eight minutes expressed by analysts would be extended until 14, so that it is individual skill and our talent when choosing the pairing the one that decides the result of an early game in the That we will free ourselves from many concerns.

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