Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker How to obtain and register the expansion code

Early access of End walker for Final Fantasy XIV is almost over, and soon you will have to register the full game if you want to access all the content. Even if you registered the order in advance, you must use your game code.

How to get your game code or CD key from End walker

Next, we indicate how to obtain the code and CD key for both third party stores and Steam:

Windows and Mac: The method of delivery of the code will vary depending on the store. Some retailers can send you the email code directly after the end walker release, and some others can ask you to log in to your store account to see the registration code.
Steam: Browse Final Fantasy XIV Online In your Steam Game Library, right-click on the title, select Manage and then CD key to view your registry codes.

Final Fantasy XIV How to register your Steam Endwalker Key?!

How to register the End walker code at the DOG station

These are the steps you must continue to register End walker on your Dog Station account:

Log in at the DOG station
Select the service account in which you want to register the code
Select Enter expansion registration code and follow the instructions

End walker is the new expansion of Final Fantasy XIV, released on December 3.

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