Fortnite This will be the new map of chapter 3 with the return of very dear places

The new Fortnite season will not start until within a few hours, but the community has launched the hashtag fortniteflipped to the orbit of social networks so that we can see the new island ahead of time. As expected, it has turned out to be an outstanding campaign, since the map was completely deciphered this morning. However, the exact names of the cities remain secretly at the time of writing this article.

The CHAPTER 3 *END* EVENT in Fortnite! (New Map)
But data miners and the best Fortnite analysts do not let them down so easily. They have compiled data and screenshots of several places on the island, and now they can decrypt it from all the roofs: Chopped floors, Castro Cholesterol, Tortuous Tunnels and other cities Pretty classic from the first seasons of Fortnite and They will return all over the top. Royale so that the most veterans of the title of Epic Games Remembrance the most beautiful moments of the multiplayer work plus played by many.

Epic Games, however, treats its surprise effect, since the most expected cities for the community are for the most part still buried under the snow. After all, Christmas holidays are approaching and winter is currently Topping the Northern Hemisphere of our planet. That yes, we must be prepared to discover in the coming weeks when the chopped floor buildings and other important and classical locations emerge from dust. At this time, a good half of the island is covered with snow, but should melt as the season progresses.

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