Daiphameike Hokkaido muster The reasons for the city ranking 1st place where Yosugacy wants to live

This is a listing of remarkable video games using a variation of the Unity engine. The main article on the Unity engine offers further details on the engine itself as well as its versions.
All games noted here have actually a short article connected to them.

Yoga City appeared in Pokemon-Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl ( Diploma Mike ), according to the story of NPC, Like the Since Aroma Like Rank No. 11 Why is Yoga City popular with the people of Shinto region ?

Sugary is introduced in the game People and Pokémon gathered, and the city of friendship with the development of commercial development. Certainly Josgaciti is Yosugazim, and the only super contest show! venue is provided in Shinto region, and it is developing, and a place of rest such as fountains and benches It is also impressive.

Furthermore, since there is a contact Iowa or Pokemon-like club, it seems that there is a tendency to spend an exchange with Pokémon. Also, because there are facilities like accommodation in the map, there are many travelers.

The reason for the residence is barrier-free?

However, the biggest reason why Josgaciti wants to live is because barrier-free is progressing. If you actually overlook the map There are no steps or stairs, and a lot of women and old people are going to push a stroller. Furthermore, since an elevator was installed at the accommodation, the elderly can also be used comfortably.

In addition, there is a description of that symbolizes a place that is a place where people with different cultures is located, but this is considered to point to a building like an association at the left end of the map I will. This is called IMA no Dakota and the BGM does not flow. People in the middle talk about love and happiness, Pokémon and humanity’s friendship, so people’s height is also known.

By the way, it is a model of Shinto region, Hokkaido. Also, Joshua City says that the city is the motif because it is close to Ohio City. It is the city of Ohio, but on July 24, 2012 Oriental Economic Shinto announced by the 2021 edition Live Yes Ranking It is 1st place in the road. Is this coincident….

In this way, if Josgacitity is reality, it is likely to be popular regardless of age or sex. There are many other attractive towns in Daiphalimike, so please check it.