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Release Games has notified the guidance about the Seasoning Lord Strategy System, which Shikoku operates for a long time.

Communication based on strict work sharing and emotion is the spindle of human society development. Even in the game as a virtual world designed by humans, the secret of long-term operations in the famous game can be seen in that the same rules are applied to the construction and continuation of their ecology. How to play the Season Story Strategy (hereinafter referred to as IB-LIKE) of Haiku (hereinafter referred to as IB-LIKE) is established by work sharing and cooperation, and while the base of community, Promote frequent and dense communication between players and fostering emotions, creating clear roles. And, we have formed a benign user ecology that tie each other value.

Insight social theory and establish individual values ​​in role assignment

From the category of philosophy, value is maintaining and developing humanity’s self-essence. Based on this theory, his in-line of Daisuke conducted carefully to play, and the value of the individual players was pulled up to the very important place.

The system of alliance follows the principle of appropriate place. The top layer of the alliance consists of a commander and occupies the role of large black column. On the other hand, the general player’s strength of the general player who accounts for the most common players will grow with the progress of the season, and they are not absent than position, but an important execution force for alliances, and expansion and conquest of the alliance It means that you are responsible for a serious mission. They play an integral role in scenes such as reconnaissance and enemy resource areas and destruction of the fortress.

From the above-mentioned content, in terms of construction and maintenance of relationships, it can be seen that the system of alliance has obtained the same results as the realistic community. This exactly by his IB-Like deeply incorporates the theory of sociology and philosophy, each one of the users who play the game maximizes the potential of the individual through role sharing, and chopped its value to the trajectory of alliance development It is. From a micro-viewpoint, this is a sound user ecology inside the alliance. Conversely speaking from a macro perspective, Shikoku is this gained a motivation for sustainable development.

High tight communication, positive emotions promote ecological circulation

As you know, SLG titles are always plagued by curse of long-term operation. However, His IB-LIKE overcomes the adverse effects of some of the same genre, mimics the social community, performs roles, and establishes the value of the individual I was able to. A key to long-term operations, a community filled with vitality, and the player to open the mind through communication, which is essentially breaking the curse.

While thinking deeply about the alliance system, we were able to further solve the secret of the long-term operation of Shikoku. The establishment of the management structure and value of the alliance system forms a high frequency close communication between the players, pulls the interaction with the game to the other levels, making a feature community culture, and the facial community culture Realized.

The player Kurt has just seen various stories of various people through Haiku Shun. His personal experience also proves the tension of such a relationship:
Or, it may be connected to work with the size of the visual field and the interior with allies, judgment, thinking power, etc.

The formation of positive communication by this play, players are strengthening their sense of attribution to the game, and there are also more active players in share like Kurt. Daisuke aims to see the potential value of such personal share, organized the game story of player posting, and created a column called Flat Story.

(Fukuoka Story Official Site: HTTPS: //www.daisangoku.com/ugc/)

The word Chirico on the Post of Chirico says, I’m going to get rid of the unloaded or accept it, and I’m going to do my best with all my strength, saying the word of the people who live in this world.
Life is nor as many lines. It will be executives even though I do not feel at all, and it will be a member of the company. So there is an effort to overcome the load of loads, or if you try hard with all your power depend on.

And finally, this player is summarized: You should try anything, even in the game, even a reality, you should have no one, no precious experience, and decided to make a new story in the game.
But I try to do anything, I try hard, I think that it is true even in real and game, and there is only a drama that can only be happened there. Now let’s make a new drama again. With friends.

From the player’s experience, the idea of ​​responsibility and the other people who live as people can read the world. These overlapped, and it became a strange story where the three-country history and the living condition of the modern person intersect.

The unique IB-LIKE mechanism provides sound ecology that continues to spread to the player. With the high and dense interaction of the player and the game, Shikoku grown to a title with long-term operation. Through the outdated renewal of the game, the player gradually recognizes itself in the virtual world and grows. At the same time, we made the spindle of value through role separation, and have a bond between people and people, and to activate community culture, and eventually brought hints to healthy long-term operations of SLG genre.

In the current period, it is not difficult to make one game. However, it is definitely difficult to build a good relationship that the player and the game grow each other and give back each other. Through the mechanism of IB-LIKE, Daisuke, will provide more potential to build user ecology using innovative operations in the future.

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