Steam insider tip is great relaxing and now for free in the browser

Winter seams and with him that time, in whom you want to sneak into the blanket with a delicious tea while watching the snowfall outside: peace and relaxation are announced, and we have the perfect game for you to turn off on the end of the work.

Towns caper has the highest reviews on Steam and is wonderful to the comments, to get rid of your fears, worries and your stress (Source: Steam) — and best after a hardworking day, if you want to turn off anyway. Just in the coming winter days, some likely to come a game. The best but: Towns caper is now even in the demo version for free and playable in the browser.

Towns caper is a City Builder of a special kind

In towns capers there are no problems and therefore no worries. Boring, the whole thing is not, at least if you do not expect action shooter. In the cute build-up simulation, you only choose a color, before your structure relies on building and let you surprise you, which eventually arises. Exactly: You do not choose whether you want a street or a house — that makes the game very own!

In Towns caper, it’s more about trying and watching how your fantastic city is growing. Do you want a Venice with a lot of rivers through the city or rather a highest reviewsntic castle? Your creativity is not limited!

Why Windows is FREE Now

On Steam, the full version of Towns caper costs only 4.99 euros. If you are not sure if the game really is fun, you can now test it from now in the browser. Of course, this version of Towns caper is smaller, but do not worry — you will still experience how it comes to his spell.

Towns caper has been released in August 2021 for PC, Switch, IOS and Android. The free demo in the browser can you like to play as many times and as long as you want — it’s just trying!