NFL Recap New Orleans Saints vs Dallas Cowboys 17 27 Turnover

The Saints de la New Orleans (New Orleans Saints in English) are a franchise business of the National Football League (NFL) based in the city of New Orleans.
The franchise of the saints, established in 1967, accounts for his winner, a triumph at the Super Bowl obtained during the NFL 2009 season. After a routine 2009 period noted by a series of 13 consecutive success and also after winning the title of conference champ NFC as an extension against the Vikings of Minnesota (31-28), the saints had certified for the very first time in their history for the last of the NFL Champion, the Super Dish. They will then win February 7, 2010, in Miami, the Super Dish XCIV against the Calls d’Indianapolis on the score of 31 to 17.
The current background of the saints was marked by the passage of Storm Katrina in 2005. He required the franchise to play his residence matches the adhering to season at the Giants Arena of New York, to the Alamodome in San Antonio in the Texas as well as the Tiger Stadium of Red stick. They replay the Louisiana Super dome in September 2006. Given that the passage of Katrina and also the return of saints to the Super dome, the saints are viewed by the population of New Orleans as the representatives of the city, like the Pelicans of the New -Orleans (NBA). Their return as well as their training course in 2006 elevated the excitement of the fans of New Orleans, the saints concluding their season by a document of 10-6 (10 victories, 6 beats) as well as an engagement in the semifinal of the champion. Regardless of the economic scenario of then, the saints authorized an agreement with the state of Louisiana: the franchise ought to remain in New Orleans until 2025.

The Dallas Cowboys have decided their away game at the New Orleans Saints with 27:17 for themselves. The defense of the guests dominated, Mayor Hill threw in his first quarterback start this season whole four interceptions.

Thanks to a highly recharging defensive line, the Saints kept the game in the second half of a long time. Dallas got the ball — except a 58-yard Run of Tony Pollard (7 ATT, 71 YES, TD, 2 REC, 3 YES) — barely moved in the running game and, therefore, had a great problem of getting big problems to get drives alive. The last four drives of the guests ended in three punts and an interception — the offense of the Saints, however, made significantly more mistakes.

In view of a ten-point residue, Head Coach Sean Payton was apparently forced to take the ball offensively more. It was a plan that started back. After the interception of DAK PRESCOTT (26/40, 238 YES, TD, INT), Task’s Hill (19/41, 264 YES, 2 TD, 4 INT, 11 ATT, 101 YES) in Field Goal Range was a passport Treated by Jordan Lewis on the arm, Dakota Keizer fingered the ball easily.

After a three-and-out of the Cowboys, Hill received another chance to bring the Saints back into play, but this time he threw the ball directly to Trevor Riggs. After another punt of the guests defensive Tackle Carlos Watkins began a passport of Hill and carried his interception even back to the opposing end zone — Pick Six! Through the 27: 10 guidance, the game was virtually decided three minutes before the end, it also changed an 80-yard-catch-and-run of Denote Harris (4 REC, 96 YES, ATT, 3 YES) a little later nothing later.

At the beginning of the game, the hosts had to be able to present themselves. The Defense of the Saints took little to start and forced a three-and-out as well as a turnover on downs as an interim coach Dan Quinn, who told the Corona Mike McCarthy, a Fourth Down in the opposing half.

After Michael Gallup (5 REC, 36 YES, TD) had caught the first touchdown of the game spectacularly on a fade route, New Orleans seemed offensively back. Against the MAN Coverage of the Cowboys Callie Sean Payton a pick-play, so that Hill has opened its Receiver Little’Jordan Humphrey (2 REC, 49 YES, TD) wide open and worried about the 7: 7 compensation.

With a strong Field Goal from 55 yards distance, Greg Aurélien (2/2 FG, 3/3 XP) made a little later for the 10: 7 leadership of the guests. Thanks to a screen pass on Nick Gannett (3 REC, 48 yes), ​​the Saints came again in Field Goal Range, but Hill threw its first of four interceptions. His passport on Kenny Stills was warded away, Jayson Hearse began the aberrant in the styles of a receiver from the air. Shortly before the half, zoomed in with his second Field Goal for the half-time score of 13: 7.

NFL: Also Cowboys in the offense with problems

The cowboys had great problems to move the ball on the ground. A 58-yard Run of Pollard and a 33-yard Run at a Swing Pass of Prescott by Needed Lamb (7 rec, 89 yes, ATT, 33 yes) tailored the statistics, but the guests got a constant running game Never created. Ezekiel Elliott (13 ATT, 45 YES, 2 REC, 2 YES) was noticeably struck no factor.

Prescott presented his skills as Field General once again demonstrated and attacked the defense of Dennis all and again in the right spots, but did not play without error. Mars hon Baltimore started in the fourth neighborhood a pass of Prescott, with a near-pick from Marcus Williams, the Dallas-QB also had luck to luck.

The Saints ran the ball — especially in the second half — much better. Hill came to 101 yards at 11 Runs, causing more important First Downs. His problems in the passport, especially the four interceptions, but New Orleans broke the neck in the end.

The Cowboys meet in the coming week in Washington on the Football Team. New Orleans arrives at the Jets in New York.

New Orleans Saints (5-7) — Dallas Cowboys (8-4)

Result: 17:27 (0: 7, 7: 6, 3: 7, 7: 7) Box score

Saints vs. Cowboys — The most important statistics

Jayson Hearse shortly before halftime for the first interception of the game, Dakota Keizer, Trevor Riggs and Carlos Watkins seized three more shortly before the end. For the cowboys it was the picks 16 to 19 this season, no team has more, solely the patriots come to the same number.
The run game of the Cowboys was completely prevented for a long time before Tony Pollard in the third quarter carried a pitch over 58 yards to the touchdown. It was Dallas’ first run over more than 50 yards since 71 play.
Micah Parsons posted a sack in the fourth neighborhood, it was his fifth game in series with at least one sack. Parsons has been the first rookie since Joey Boss in 2016, which this feat succeeded.
Mayor Hill had big problems in the pass game, but came to Rusher but on more than 100 yards. Hill is the third quarterback this season that could crack this rushing mark. Lamar Jackson (twice) and Justin Fields also succeeded.

The Star of the game: The Secondary of the Cowboys

Dallas played a lot of Coverage, a very risky defensive strategy. The defensive backs of the cowboys dominated their direct opponents but over wide stretches of the game. In the second half, the Cowboys also celebrated a turnover festival: Trevor Riggs, Jayson Hearse, Dakota Keizer and Defensive Tackle Carlos Watkins, ultimately began one interception. Jordan Lewis also convinced as a speed camera, including a strong tackle in the Run Game and Hit against Hill, who led to the second interception.

The Flop of the Game: Mayor Hill (Quarterback, Saints)

New Orleans had to do without offensive on three of his starting offensive linemen as well as several receivers, and Hill played great parts of the game with an injured middle finger — all that was not overlooked on the field. The Saints receivers rarely won their one-counter-one duels, but if, then hill missed them too much. The quarterback threw whole four picks and had such a lot of the other bad guy. Hills fourth interception was returned to the Pick Six. In this offensive constitution, New Orleans is — despite Hills qualities as Runner — no candidate on the playoffs. Disappointing on the pages of the Cowboys: The noticeably battered Ezekiel Elliott.

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Analysis: Saints vs. Cowboys — the tactical panel

The Saints worked offensively initially from Heavy Personnel, sometimes even with six offensive lines, and used a lot of play action. On the one hand, New Orleans relieved the attacked offensive line and gave Hill to clearer reads as well as a little more time in the pocket.
In the second half, the hosts increased more to their run-game, led by Hill. The quarterback had been allowed to lose a few ways in the first half, and a finger injury was noticeably causing him noticeably problems. However, through the clear residue, the Saints had to return to their passing offense — without success.
Defensively doubled the Saints multiple NEEDED LAMB, especially if the young receiver acted from the slot. Against the MAN Coverage The hosts were thus opportunities for the other playmakers of the Cowboys.
Dallas also played coverage in the defense, especially with long downs. The Saints used this several times, for example, with the two long plays of Little’Jordan Humphrey in the first half, where the receiver exploited a RUB route of a teammate.
Micah Parson’s returned to the return of Lawrence as an off-ball linebacker used. But Parsons flashed a lot and got Snaps directly at the line of scrimping. The rookie once again caused a hearing pressure on quarterback.