NBA Phoenix Suns celebrate against Warriors 17th victory in series

The Phoenix Suns remain the team of the hour, or better of the month. Throughout November, the last year’s finals participant has not lost a single game, after 104: 96 against the previous Prius Golden State instead recovered 17 in a row, and the Western Conference now performs in front of the Warriors.

Although Top star Devin Booker was injured only 15 minutes in the parquet, the Suns sat down at home. Also, because five actors spent two-digit scored and Stephen curry on the other side experienced a very weak evening. The MVP candidate only brought four of 21 attempts in the basket for magic twelve points.

Lakers catching up without LeBron — Nets hit knicks

Reacting to the Suns extending their win streak to 17 games after win over Warriors | NBA Today

The Los Angeles Lakers have set a 40: 8-run on the Sacramento Kings from the third to the fourth quarter and thus finally won with 117: 92. LeBron James lacked the champion of 2020 because he is in the security protocol of the league. Apparently James had contact with a corona-infected person.

In the prestigduell between the Brooklyn Nets and the New York Knicks, the hosts conceivably sat down at 112: 110. Especially James Harden (34 points) and Kevin Durant (27) initiated for the title favorites, which leads the Eastern Conference with 15 wins and eight defeats. Behind it, however, it is conceivable narrow: Panel One and Panel Elf (Boston) is just four victories.