The RiftBreaker in Test Bombastic Genremix on Galatea 37 with fantastic artwork

Beefing up HQ Defences a bit | Lets Play The Riftbreaker Ep14
Techs, a stranger and exotic planet and as well exotic but dangerous living beings. No, it’s not about avatar, though there are some similarities between the movie and the rift breaker. Luminous plants, for example or mechanical and difficult-to-armed battle suits. And just like in the film by James Cameron, we are only here as people here to bring the planet to his valuable resources.

The developers of exon studios put on a wild mix. Various genres are covered here: Tower Defense, Action RPG and Hack & Slash share the title below and a perfect game has come out for a few hours of fun. But what are it?

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  2. 1.1flora and fauna
  3. 1.2 of Alien-Rhinos and flame vendors
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  5. 2.1Chums, Shaffer, base construction
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Flora and fauna

Whether day or night, desert or volcano. The Icebreaker has a lot to offer for the eye and the various biomes load for exploring and snatching a source: EXON STUDIOS The story is not necessarily the biggest strength of The Icebreaker (Buy €25,99). However, she is not important and does not take great place. Only a few conversations in English there are now and then to hear. Players who expect a rousing SCIFI story are warned.

But who needs a good reason to penetrate in foreign worlds and make everything over the pile of ballers or tinker, which is not in three on the fluorescent alive trees?

Humanity stands out before the Superhuman Yellowstone broke out. So you will be sent as Ashley S. Noway, a unity of an Elite Science Command, through the Rift to Galatea 37 in the Score Belt in the Milky Way. There you should build a base from which you can travel from the Rifts, so something like portals, to earth and back.

Quite important for the colonization. Enough space is yes and beautiful is the new home. What we come to one of the great strengths of the game: the technology. Galatea 37 looks fantastic, whether you are fighting through the jungle or trudged through the desert. The in-house butterfly engine conjures a beautiful nature on the monitor with crisp sharp textures.
Nature defends himself! Thousands of alien want to go to the leather at the same time. The hordes are the big figurehead of the title. Source: Exon Studios Space Palm Leaves Weight in the wind, firefighting whirl dust up. With the exposure of the animal and plant world, the right mood immediately occurs. Also, a weather and day-night system is implemented.

At the same time, the game world is very alive. Peaceful animals flee in front of your face, while around the corner a huge horde of angry universe dogs (?) Waiting. And they are still harmless compared to other quarters.

by alien-rhhinos and flame vendors

Not only the different biomes look beautiful, but also the effects. Be it, like here, the flames of the flamethrower or the explosion of an atomic bomb. Source: EXON STUDIOS The inhabitants of this to date untouched idylls are anything but kindly minded. Fortunately, you do not have to counteract the monsters unarmed. Because there is still Mr. Riggs.

It is not an eccentric scientist, but one, to the teeth-armed Much suit. And that brings us to the next highlight: the fighting.

This suit can be pumped up with powerful knees such as a mini ounce or a flame width. Or you equip you with a sign. You have different ways per arm. So you can decide how you want to tackle battles. Flamethrower on one arm and Minigun on the other? Clear. Shield and energy demand? May I help you.

New weapons you have to explore in the Arsenal first. In addition, it is important to find out which monsters are sensitive to which humming. For a flamethrower can tackle one of the big fire opposers at most a little. As a result, a little tactic comes into the combat system.

From the bird’s eye view, you then burners individual monsters over the pile or turns off whole herds. Up to a thousand opponents can (and become) to meet you. It sometimes comes in the PC version in the PC version the mouse control in the cross and the frame rate comes a little on big opponents.