Barrage STG Graze Counter GM Trailer Released to a more evolved game to the playability of the previous work as it is

Graze Counter GM PV第1弾

Surprised software has released the first trailer of Barrage STG Graze Counter GM. This work is the successor of Graze Counter launched in STEAM STG. We aim to be a more evolved game as it is the playability of the previous work. About 2 minutes of the restaurant, you can see the stage and powerful combat scene drawn with dot painting as before. Also, BGM is a fully new song in The Reckless Challenger for extra stage. Graze Counter GM will be released in winter 2021. Prices and compatible platforms are not clear. Racing Gaming Chair Nitro V2 White €10 ~ ~ ¥44,033 ~ → ¥37,428 Amazon Rakuten TRACING Gaming Chair Red (GT099-RED) ~ ~ ¥18,800 ~ → ¥15,975 Amazon Rakuten