Bayern member Michael Ott criticizes FCB

Bayern Munich’s association member and Qatar critic Michael OUT has sharply criticized the dealing with the FCB-responsibly with the application for a quick termination of the partnership with Qatar Airways on the Annual General Meeting.

For me, the assembly was a pattern example to show how the football can further alienate from his fans. The relationship between FC Bayern and many of his fans crumbles and continues, Out said in conversation with Sport1. The occurrence of the bosses was a pretty revelation.

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Out had made an application with some other members to finish the sponsorship treaty with Qatar Airways with Qatar Airways extremely critically bending in fan circles. However, this was just before the AHV of the 13th Civil Chamber of the Landgericht Munich I, before the FCB bosses rejected a spontaneous removal on the AHV itself.

Even if you do not allow my application to vote, which I have already found questionable, then you could have found at least a sovereign dealing with it, he led me: One would have just imagined my application and make a mood picture At the end, at least my word contribution can be made of three minutes.

At the end of the event, the FCB boss had only admitted five speeches, OUT was simply deleted from the list, Although I have been able to register for a long time before the beginning of assembly, he made it clear.

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FC Bayern — Out: A USING

Afterwards, Gainer finished the AHV, under loud boards of the members present. That was all extremely unsuitable, also towards other members with word contributions, said Out. That the FCB bosses of the Qatar debate were completely out of the way, he also described as a USING.

However, he also takes something positive from the evening. The assembly will certainly find a longer reverberation. A clear sign was placed over Qatar without coordination. Maybe that leads to rethinking, he explained.

Gainer had also expressed himself to criticism of the AHV on Friday and declares that he had a proper handling missing. The tonality must be right, and that was not always the case this evening. We like to put us with our members to a table — a constructive and fact-based exchange must be the goal of both sides, he said the TZ.

This was not the case with OUT, Gainer claimed and referred to the sharp attacks of the rights owners of Mainz in public. Out had accused the FCB and the responsible cowardice and deficit tricks in dealing with the topic.

Mr. Gainer complained that I called the club fig, Out said, But how different you should call the behavior, which was also put on the day yesterday? The gentlemen are the debate simply successful, completely out gone the way.

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According to Gainer, FC Bayern is still open to criticism: You can assume that we all had a troubled night. In principle, our club keeps a discourse, he belongs to club life. Criticism is always possible, he said.