Tennessee Titans released Adrian Peterson to three games

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The Tennessee Titans had taken Adrian Peterson as a possible replacement after the injury from Derrick Henry — this experiment is now ended at least for the time being. The Titans dismissed Peterson on Tuesday evening after three missions.

Titans had committed Peterson for their Practice Squad on 2 November, on the same day Tennessee Henry had set the injured reserve list due to a foot injury. Three days later, Peterson was promoted to the active squad.

Peterson had first played at the victory against the Los Angeles Rams for the Titans in week 9 at the victory against the Los Angeles Rams. The 36-year-old finishes his three-week guest performance with 27 Runs for 82 yards and a touchdown. The 1-yard touchdown run against the RAMs pushed the Alt star in the All-Time list on 11 place, right with Walter Payton.

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NFL LIVE | Tennessee Titans and Adrian Peterson: Can he replace Derrick Henry after injury?

Tennessee at the same time brought Montreal Billiard into the active squad, which had already been used for the Titans. D’Onto Foreman should now be the starting back for the time being, in rotation with Jeremy Munich. There is a chance that Henry could return to the playoffs.