Scandals in Nice and Lyon Why Payet becomes the target of chaotic

If that claims the best coach in the world, it really has to be something. Payer, Marcelo Bails said once, has the stuff to become the best player in the world.

His former coach at Olympic Marseille shot out of the target, but Payers footballing qualities are undisputed. Dribble, tempo and graduation is Payer, a man for the standards — but also for a lot of scandals.

Maybe too, because it did not always easy Payer. He was born on the island of La Reunion, his talent swept off the overseas part of the Indian Ocean except for the French mainland. At the age of twelve, he moved to Le Havre, where it was made of character deficits and motivationalness. Payer returned to the small island after four years, then drafting FC Nantes in 2004.

As an 18-year-old he commuted between the first and second team, whereby he earned himself in the context of an internship something in the clothing department of a department store. There is nothing to talk about the football field, you do what you have to do. But here you have to listen to the customer, thats a lot of work, said the teenager at that time in a documentary about youth players of Nantes.

Payer took the apparent lighter for him — and became professional. But despite his achievements, he was always stone in the way again and again. After joining St. Étienne 2007, Payer 2010 attacked two players during a game. A year later, he did not appear for training to promote a change to Paris St. German. St. Étienne remained hard, but half a year later, Payer, who experienced a performance explosion at St. Étienne, was just off. It went to the French master OSC Lille, two years later to Olympic Marseille.

If Payer does not feel like it, he does not play anymore

But if it does not like Payer somewhere, he just wants to go, that had to learn too. Payers consultant had unexpectedly pressed Marseille under pressure, loud club only weeks after a positive conversation about Payers future at Marseille. If Payer does not get a huge salary increase, then West Ham United would strike. Olympic accepted the offer of London.

Well, West Ham. Payer played great at the Hammer, was nominated for the home European Championship 2016, and after two games, pretty much every child knew just outside Frances Dimitri Payer. Template and late like a fantastic winner in the first game against Romania, gate at 2: 0 against Albania. The Man of the Match was Both Male Payer. With a total of three hits and two assists, he was admitted to the team of the tournament, the foul also changed against Cristiano Ronaldo in the lost final against Portugal nothing.

Payer, finally purified? Racially followed the big posse at West Ham United.

Everything is good, Payer said in February 2016, The love affair continues. At that time he extended his contract until 2021, it was the best-doped the club history. In January 2017, he shared West Ham: either let me change or I refuse to play now. The offensive player called family reasons, in which case, there are generally many truths. The fact is: Payer changed this January 2017 — and the curiously back to Olympic, where they made him the captain.

Also in Nice it was a bottle

Dimitri Payet strucked with a bottle to the face lyon vs marseille suspended!

Since then, Payer has remained faithful to the club, but for many fans, the eccentric exceptional council has a polarizing. Even in his own club, after all, in May 2020 he refused a salary reduction because of the Corona pandemic. After all, he was also family father and had spending, he said Le Journal de lMile de la Reunion.

At Payer now ignites the spark that sparks the fire. Not least because of his achievements: In August 2019, he made a crucial to Marseilles Arrival Nice, this game was because of homophobic spell ribbons from the Nice block immediately before demolition. The hatred of Om and his figurehead then expanded in the past August. Payer was thrown with water bottles, fired a back in the Nice Block, whereupon the chaos broke out — on the square fans, Payer even went physically, the game was broken off. None of a personalized Marseille now more, and thus nobody is a more appropriate hate object for the rioters of the arch rivals.

And now the latest incident in Lyon. But why again Payer? The reason is obviously over eleven years. On September 25, 2010, St. Étienne won the so-called Derby du Rhone in Lyon for the first time after 17 years, the 100th edition was decided by a fantastic free kick in the angle. We wrote a piece of history here, said the scorer afterwards. He was called: Dimitri Payer.