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Fitness studio ladder in Pokémon Brilliant diamond and shiny pearl should be the best coaches of their Pokemon type. Unfortunately, the only way to experience a true challenge is to resume the head of the gym and fight against his better team. If you resume the gym leaders in Brilliant Diamond and Shinning Pearl, you need to build a strong bond to your Pokemon and have a team that specializes in the fight against the gym ladder against which they compete. But before you can take it a second time with the ladders of the gym, you must first do a few things.

How to rearrange fitness studio leaders

To fight against the gym leaders and their stronger teams, you have to defeat them all at least once. After you have switched off all the gym ladder, you must challenge the elite four. After the elite is four defeated, Roar will tell you that the heads of gym have a new challenge for you. Now you can fight back against each of the gyms by returning to your gym and talking to them. However, be careful, because the new challenge that the gym leaders are in stock is not a distinction.

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The new teams each gym are all about Level 60, some about Level 70. Each Pokemon in a team holds an object and has the right EVS and IVs to present a real threat to anyone who is not prepared. It is strongly recommended that you put together a team that is well suited for each head of fitness studio. For defeating each gym, you will be rewarded with a new sticker you can use at poke ball customization.

This does not seem to be a big reward for defeating the gym leaders a second time, but it is completely optional to fight them again. The true reason why they would fight a second time against the head of the gym is mainly to test themselves and see how well their team really is. If you try to reach the game 100%, it is of course a must to collect the stickers, and you have to be ready for this challenge. If you need more help in Brilliant Diamond and Shinning Pearl, read our other instructions.

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