FFXIV What is Pandaemonium and why is it important in Endwalker

Ion: The Tower of Endless Time (in Oriental: 아이온: 영원 의 탑) frequently abbreviated in Ion is a South Korean computer game of kind greatly multiplayer on-line duty play (MMORPG), edited and created by NCS oft. He went out in November 2008 in Korea, in April 2009 in China, then in September 2009 in North America as well as Europe.
As at May 20, 2009, Ion had 3.5 million customers in Asia.
Considering that February 29, 2012, the video game uses the Free To Play design, on the European web servers. American and also Korean servers are still in a Pay to Play model.
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In the new Add-on End Walker for Final Fantasy XIV comes the new 8-man RAID pandemonium. What this is about and what could happen during the story of the RAIDS, we tell you in this article.

This is pandemonium in FFI: With the release of the Adds End Walker on December 7, the players expect a whole range of new content. One of them is the 8-man RAID named Pandemonium, which will come in difficulty grades normal and epic.

The release of normal mode is on the 21st of December
The release of epic mode is on January 4th 2022

With the respective modes, new armor sets come into play, which will be available on the one hand by crafting, new allergic stones or by token from the RAID.

The equipment and upgrades from the epic pandemonium raid are expected to be the strongest in the game until patch 6.2 (estimated in mid 2022) until the next part of the raid appears and new items brings.

In the past developer stream, the director Naomi Yeshiva showed some examples of the new equipment.

The design of the stone armor is based on the characters made of FFI. Old FF fans will recognize the Summoner Lydia, the healer Rosa or the Ninja Edge.

The previous Raids in FFI were built in three animals with four boss fights (exception to Bahamas), which were published about every six months. It is relatively likely that this pattern is also maintained for pandemonium and the players can conquer the first four boss fights of normal mode on December 21st.

A brief insight into the Pandemonium there was also in the developer stream:

At the same time, Pandemonium as well as the Raids is starting a separate storyline and this has taken care of the fans of FFI for many speculations. The reasons for this are, among other things, in the past of the MMORPG and the Final Fantasy series.

A look into the past reveals something about the future

FFXIV: Pandaemonium - Raid Series Speculation - Spoilers

So it was in former Final Fantasy: FFI is fully stuffed with allusions and references from other games of the franchise and also includes the new Raid Pandemonium.

The origins of Pandemonium are over 30 years in the past at Final Fantasy II. It is the castle of the Lord of Hell, which reaches the world of people and releases monsters there.

After the Hero Group in FFI defeated the evil Kaiser Mates, his soul split into two halves. While the bright half climbed into the sky, the dark half wandered in hell. But Mates was so angry that he became more powerful there, the control over the hell was torn and became the new ruler.

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As a result, Pandemonium Castle once again appeared in the world of people and the heroes of FFI had to fight through the dungeon to give Mates to an end to all. Only when both soul halves be defeated by Mates in hell and heaven, the world is freed from his existence.

Fun Fact: The original version of FFI contained no fight against the bright side of Mates. This additional content occurred in Dawn of Souls, 20th Anniversary and the mobile versions.

Why is that relevant for FFI? This excursion to the past should provide you a basis for the Lore speculation related to Pandemonium in FFI. The FFI version has many connections to the Hellschloss made of FFI.

The parallels do not listen to the name. The first official artwork of the RAIDS shows an old well-known many FFI player: the Asian Lahore. In the course of the story of FFI, the players could fight him several times until he was defeated by Jordan at the end of Heavenward (3.0).

He forms the connection to FFI, albeit over several corners.

The names of all Asians originally came from FFI, where they are the opponents of the malignant Esper.

So too Lahore is the opponent of the ice-Esper Mates,
In turn, an allusion to the Emperor Mates is FFI.

Thus, the developers build an indirect connection between Lahabreaah and the gentlemen of Pandemonium from FFI, as they have already made it with other Asians (for example, Matron / Artemis, which is the FFI version of the ARTEMIS sorceress).

Community speculates about the story

These theories are available: Based on these connections and the official description of the Raids, some fans have already begun to discuss what it will go in the story. In the center of these discussions is Lahabreaah, as it can be seen on the Key Artwork of the Raid.

Thus, a fan theory states that the soul of Lahore was cleaved after the fight in the pretorium by Madelyn, since cleavage is the fundamental impact of its power. That would explain why only one half of Lahabreas Ascian-Sigel can be seen on the artwork (via Reddit).

The theory also sounds plausible when looking at Kaiser Mates from FFI. His soul was also split in two halves, with one of them risen in the pandemonium.

Another theory states that Pandemonium is a kind of Lahore Laboratory Prison. This theory was set up on the basis of the official English description of the RAIDS and the actual work of Lahore.

Originally he was a great scientist who created new, diverse creatures from the ether. But as well as he was in his craft, some of his experiments failed. And these failed creations of Lahabreaah should go in the Raid, the theory. On the promo page to add-on end walker it says:

Far Beneath The Ground Upon Which Mortals Tread, Stepped in Darkness Deep As Starless Night, Ancient Power Raid Dormant. Too Hungry, Too Brutal, Too Monstrous — What Cannot Be Controlled Must Be Contained, Here, Pandæmonium. Dare You Make the Descent?

Official End Walker page

Pandemonium is deep under the earth and there is something included, according to the English description, that is too hungry, too brutal and too monstrous. That, which can not be controlled must be locked in. That sounds great for some fans after fierce creatures of Lahabreaah.

It is also theoretically possible that the person on the artwork is not the Lahore from the Pretorium and Jordan fighting. In the course of the Shadow Bringers story, we learn that the names of Asians are not names but titles. Post, if you want.

This means that there were several people in the past who have worn the title Lahore. Accordingly, one of the fan theories is that the players in Pandemonium expect another Lahore than the one we know from the FFI story (via official forums).

What are your theories to the RAID? Do you divide one of the above or have your own ideas that could happen in the RAID? Write us in the comments.