Wow Heres the sharp incubus

Two new models were read from the Game Data byword of Warcraft Patch 9.2. One of them is the incubus.

Even if patch 9.2 is not playable on the PTR at the end of eternity, the game data is already available and the datinermans have begun to elicit his secrets of the patch. Some highlights have already been discovered in the data. So Sylvans wind runner gets a new model and witch champion can call a sexy incubus to the side.

Incubus — The alternative to the Succubus: Although Blizzard stands for some changes in World of Warcraft in criticism, there was a point on which particularly witch champions were pleased. As an alternative to the well-known Succubus, Warlocks can in future summon an incubus — a male variant of this demon.

As it belonged to the female counterparts, the incubus is pretty sparingly clothed, has a muscular body that he willingly showcase and even more massive wings. As a bonus, the good demon er also has a weapon, with whom you can certainly miss not only enemies one or the other pat.

The incubus is probably activated via a glyph. Whether Blizzard in Patch 9.2 also builds a few story information and distributed incur slightly large-scale in the game world remains to be seen.

From the quality and dissolution of the model, the incubus — at least at first glance — seems to be the most up-to-date demon.

Sylvan as — broken and in rags: There is also a new model for Sylvans wind runners in Patch 9.2. Little surprising, after all, she was already defeated in patch 9.1.5 and then fallen into the leaders of Horde and Alliance.

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Accordingly, she was deprived of her armor and is only in light clothing on the road, which clearly reminiscent of the status of prisoners. Even if the facial expressive effects quite aggressive, the whole look is a bit more gentle and significantly less threatening due to the blue eyes.

How exactly the story continues from Sylvan as in Patch 9.2, we do not know yet. But she stands at the side of heroes and is probably thrall and Nina — whether voluntarily or under forced — help to thwart the champions plans.

In the coming days and weeks we will always know more of patch 9.2 end of eternity. Of course, we will keep you up to date on the most important innovations here on Mango.

What do you think of the new models — and especially the incubus? A cool expansion for witch champions? Or completely unnecessary?

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Maybe these models help themselves that more than just every fourth on patch 9.2 is glad.