Shipment 24 7 is live in COD Vanguard how is it now

The popular Small Map Shipment is online In call of Duty: Vanguard. Like the other plans of the new cod look, you will learn here on Mango.

Update November 17 – 19:00: The new map came into play with an update and starts with the 24/7 playlist.

If you want to test Vanguard and Shipment, starts a free weekend at the new cod on 18 November.

Original message: Call of Duty: Vanguard is not 2 weeks in the market yet, the first new map comes into play: The Chaos map Shipment. It also only takes 2 weeks until the start of the first season with more new content. The most important information can be found here.

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Shipment as the first new map on 17 November

What is Shipment? Fast, faster, shipment — so the small chaos map can be described well. The map came for the first time with Modern Warfare 1 of 2007 to Cod and enthuses players with a high pace, stress with spawns in the crosshairs of the opponents and convinces thanks to busy experiences at the end of the match.

In COD MW from 2019, the small map was the most popular card because it broke the usual feel of modern warfare. The experience was a pure carnage without running a lot of running or acting — holding up the head and fire on everything, which moves.

Shipment & The House — More chaos barely goes: Call of Duty offers a few 6vs6 maps relatively few, on which you almost always see your opponents. Vanguard breaks with the tradition in front of Season 1 and brings with shipment and the house two crazy high-speed cards.

Already now we can make ourselves on a playlist that makes us the two maps with high combat pacing in a 24/7 playlist. Dizziness, chaos, kills — everything alternating, not necessarily in the order.

COD VANGUARD: Season 1 starts on 02. December

What is known to Season 1? Surely we know only the date of the new season. In terms of content, there are only clues, but nothing concrete:

Season start on 02. December

3 new maps for the multiplayer
3 operators for free play
New alliances, missions and more for zombie mode
Battle passport with 2 new weapons

So far, it is still unclear whether the zombie mode is extended by the important Easter Egg. So far, the mode is a pure shooting floor without a real destination. Although the zombies weigh a power-up with every completed round, but no longer changes from a certain point.

Sure, we know that the first Vanguard Battle Pass goes to the start and also brings 2 new weapons. On the roadmap is also the speech of new equipment. There may also be new kill streaks, grenades or the like.

In addition, the integration of War zone in Vanguard starts on December 2 December. The Battle Royale gets the Vanguard graphics and the biggest update so far:

At the latest to the start of the first season, Balance adjustments in Vanguard should also be their premiere. Currently, there are a lot of surgical options in the World War shooter with extremely high damage that fires your enemies from the lashes in an eye.

An overview of the midst and most unfair killers of multiplayer mode can be found here: COD Vanguard: The best weapons with setups — Season 0 / November 2021