Fortnite Naruto and Team 7 meet on the island

Dive Force is a Japanese crossover combating game developed by Spike Consort and published by Banzai NAMC Entertainment including personalities from various manga series featured in Squash s Weekly Shōnen Jump compilation in party of the publication s 50th wedding anniversary. The game was launched on February 15, 2019, for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and also a Nintendo Change port was released worldwide on August 28, 2020. On November 10, 2021, Banzai NAMC revealed the discontinuation of the video game. It s delisting from electronic shops is established for February 8, 2022, adhered to by the shutdown of its on-line servers on August 24.

Epic Games has announced Naruto Suzuki, the Jinchūriki host of the mighty nine-tabled beast together with the rest of Team 7 (Leisure China, Sakura Bruno and Takashi Ha take) for a visit to the island.

The new contents around Naruto have already gone on-line with today s update in the Battle Royale game.

Thus, you can look forward to the following content in Fortnite:

Naruto — Outfits

Naruto Suzuki (with the style The Seventh Homage ): Really Now!
Leisure China (with the pickaxe Susana Sword ): The only goal I had was revenge.
Sakura Bruno (with the style Sakura China ): We have to be strong. We both — you and me.
Takashi Ha take (with the style ABU Takashi ): I protect you with my life. You all.

Naruto — Back Accessories

Back accessory Taken : Takashi s smallest Nine.

Back accessory Wind demonic Shrike : A shrike with dangerous, curved blades.

Back accessory Konohamantel : a warm cloak, perfect for missions.

Back-accessory Scroll : Contains Juts us.

Naruto — dummy hacks

Pickaxe ABU Sword : This sword is used by the ABU.

Picker Lunar (with the style black ): This sharp weapon is preferred by the Shinobi.

Picker Susana sword : Seizures favorite sword.

Picker Hid an Sense : The preferred scythe in curse rituals.

Naruto — Hanging ladder and emotes

Hanging ladder Kusama : a scary, nine-tapping beast that was sealed in Naruto Suzuki. (Together with the charging screen Shinobi teamwork available)
Emote Juts Summon : Did you also complete your contract?
Emote Ramen-Pause : Treat this little Shinobi snack.

The hang ladder Kusama :

And the loading screen Shinobi-Teamwork — works together and protects you each other. Illustration of studio Pierrot.

Naruto & Takashi package

Outfit Naruto Suzuki (with the style The Seventh Homage )
Back accessory scroll
Outfit Takashi Ha take (with the style ABU Takashi ),
The back accessory Taken
Charging screen Pizza-Jutsu

Leisure & Sakura package

Outfit Leisure China
Back Accessory Wind demonic Shrike

Picker Susana sword
Outfit Sakura Bruno (with the style Sakura China )

Fortnite - Naruto (Official Fortnite Music Video) Team 7 Arrives To Fortnite! | Fortnite X Naruto
Back accessory Konohamantel
Charging screen Team 7

Shinobi equipment package

Emote Ramen-Pause
Emote Juts Summon
Picker Lunar
Pickaxe ABU Sword
Pickaxe Hid an Sense

Further rewards are obtained from Takashi Ha take s missions. You can also find the paper bomb Lunar as a new weapon in the game and visit the condor.

Here is the trailer to today s announcement: