Elder Scrolls Online Demazed celebrations

The next event in Elder Scrolls online is on. Already on this Thursday, the 18th of November 2021, the festivities of the intrepid. Then you have one and a half weeks to visit particularly popular dungeons and earn you special loot. Here all times in the overview:

Start: 18 . November at 16 o clock German time
End: 30 . November at 16 o clock German time

How to start the event: In contrast to other ESO events, there is no XP bonus in the feasts of the intrepid. Instead, various rewards are waiting to be smiled by you. To start an event quest, you have to enter a Dundee for four players inside, and already it starts. Alternatively, you can also download and play the introductory quest Glory of Dinner in the Krone Shop.

Alternative for solo players inside: If you do not find a group that can join you, you have once daily the ability to complete Belarus undertaken quest. Belgium is waiting for you in the instrumental enclaves.

ESO UNDAUNTED Celebration Event! - (Guide 2021) Elder Scrolls Online
You can dust you at the feasts of the intrepid dusts

If you defeat the boss in a dungeon, you will receive an intrepid reward chest that can involve the following items: treasure cards, findings, prey for sale, craft materials, intrepid-key and montage pages. With each chest, an opal weapons style will be assured. These Opel versions are available:

Ice heart
High alarm dam
Bogdan the night flame
Black mutter

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DAYBOOKS: The first dungeon boss that you defeated in one day also gives you two event certificates for which you can acquire the following things at the Impress aria: all three fragments for the unstable wallpaper as a companion, three fragments for the Rußverderbnis plateau as home, bound style pages for opal weapons, opal masks and opal shoulder and group repair material. (Via: ElderscrollSonline)

Get the special rewards in Elder Scrolls online?