Genji Fourth Monster Energy Holding Monster Pan Day

Zen Leaf (YANG) said 15th Global Energy Drink Monster Energy, held offline fan meeting Monster Pan Day events.

The two companies wanted the Zen League OBE Carrier (Zen Roll team) to set up a special communication so that they have seen the last one year with the fans and to make a leap for the 2022 season.

The event will be offline in the Olympic Park Olympic Hall Muse Live, located on December 18, on December 18, and accepts the fans with the fans attended by the Olympic Park Olympic Hall Muse Live.

In the event, the rewritten profile ▲ TMI quiz ▲ quiz TMI quiz ▲ Quality response torque show Keyword Torque ▲ Cheering Message (Cheer lip) Demand ▲ A variety of programs and certain gifts that focus on active communication with fans, such as the first winning game progress of the first winning game, such as a photo-time and signing of the fans,

In addition, the League of League Tournament Pan Fight Finals will proceed.

The tournament that starts from December 4 is on the fourth round, and the final winner will be on the final winner by one on the finals on the fourth round of the event. Pan Day progress and tournament finals are expected to take advantage of Yeungjeung-dong, LACK Challenger Rigger Caster Challenger Rigger Caster Challenger.

Arnold Hutu Yugo IPO Korea s office said, It is very meaningful to make a place for fans who support the Roll team with Monster Energy, said that it is very meaningful for the fans who support the Genii Roll team. I hope to provide a chance to enjoy the fans and players together in the 2022 season.