F1 2021 Update 1 33 Patchotes CJ Cellar

Update 1.33 has arrived for F1 2021 and here is the complete list of changes and corrections that have been added to all platforms with this patch. The patch for F1 2021 published on November 15, 2021, adds new content to the game, corrections at various aspects of the online experience as well as general corrections across the board. Here everything is new with F1 2021 in the update 1.33.

F1 2021 Update 1.33 Patches

Noor Content

Jeddah was added to the game
Added option for activating or deactivating the tire temperature simulation in the pit lane so that cars that drive closer to the punching end entrance, do not be disadvantaged by colder tires when leaving the pit lane.
Red Bull 2021 was reset with a visual update to its traditional painting to get closer to the real season
Added option to disable driver change in the career
Same power was added to the Grand Prix mode with F1 2021 cars


Users who have been thrown out of a meeting due to an expired timer are no longer excluded from the meeting

F1 2021//Patch 1.13 OUT//Jeddah, Equal Performance in Grand Prix // *Patch Notes in The Description*

Host viewers are now correctly seeing the lights for the race start simultaneously with the race trackers


It has been fixed a problem in which the Prevention button could disappear from a career memory
The progress history screen for research and development now looks correct with the increased number of available tracks.
Victory VO can now be displayed correctly in the Item Store in the preview
It has been fixed a problem where user could rely on the world in Fotomodus on IMOCA
Fanatic CSL DD pedals now have the right brake and gas thresholds
The White DRS line was adapted to IMOCA to the activation point
General stability improvements
Diverse smaller corrections

F1 2021 is available for Xbox, PlayStation and PC. For more information about this update, visit the Official F1 2021 website.