We as women in the escort are model for other women

Last Monday, the accolade came. On the official English FIFA Channel EA on Instagram, with over 497,000 followers, a video appeared. Ebro SP9 Ebro Oral stated it in its entirely own eloquent and positive way, the best Rule Breaker cards in a tutorial.

That you will be given this platform shows SP9 Ebro is a rising star in the FIFA sky. It took a long time to be in the male-dominated FIFA scene more and more women were able to prevail. SP9 Ebro is one of them.

Contact me!

I think to a certain point have there women in eSports much harder than men because they have to fight for acceptance, says her sponsor Sasha KM OCI Mockenhaupt, at a certain level of awareness they have it then but easier because there are still very few women are.

M OCI is itself a big name in the FIFA scene, the third division player from SV When Wiesbaden and head of the National Department of the clubs, not only promotes the FIFA eSport itself, but especially women. I will be his contact point for all who want to become eSportlerin. Report to me! M OCI says.

A tournament for women only

The issue of women in FIFA eSports is one with a lot of potential because the women I met in eSports, are super motivated, who stand out are reliable and get the chance, said Mockenhaupt.

One of his recovery methods for talent is the Mock Cup, his own tournament series. There already have been a pure version of Women, took part in the well Ebro Oral — and came out great. A second edition of the Women s Cup Mock there on 24 November.

model Fabienne

For SP9 Ebro was Fabienne Fabienne Mormon FOCUS a role model to her, she saw that it can work well for women in the scene. Women often do not dare because they are unsafe. But if women are among them, as in the women Mock Cup, they have the courage to show up, said Oral.

Ebro Oral with conveyor Mockenhaupt. SV When Wiesbaden

Ebro Ovals ascent is astronomical, discovered she was of Mike eSports from near Stuttgart, shortly after the contact to When Wiesbaden and Sasha Mockenhaupt came, then she signed in eSports team in Bundesliga player Sebastian Porter.

The understanding of the game of football

My focus is currently on increasing my follower numbers continue and even more to make good content, SP9 Ebro told. Your targeted for January 2022 figures has now already exceeded the content Creator in their positive nature and their deep expertise to meet the spirit of the community.

The expertise she has plenty of hours of play, training and coaching from. But their understanding of the game they got itself on the green lawn. The 21-year-old plays in the regional league and is strong in pattern recognition. This gives you a lot if you re good in football, says KM OCI from personal experience.

Hate is still

But the FIFA fame has its drawbacks, there is often hostility from players who are not to come clear that women can also be good in FIFA. I have to place in the comments and chat and read something, SP9 Ebro told. Most of their community is but grateful for their advice and supports them.

Probably the greatest support from viewers, she received when she took part in Flagella Cup. To the semifinals she managed at the time. The hype that was built around her person she takes and continues to make videos and streams — for a reason: We as women in eSports are motivation and role model for other women.