Hot Wheels Unleashed DC Super

DC Supervillains Racing Season is HERE! Hot Wheels Unleashed Update!

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Hot Wheels Speed X (additionally referred to as Hot Wheels Velocity X: Optimum Justice in the PlayStation 2 version) is a vehicular battle computer game launched in 2002 by Beyond Games. There are variations for the Gamete, PlayStation 2, COMPUTER, and also Video Game Child Development. The game is based on the Hot Wheels plaything automobiles. The video game features 11 different devices and also 5 various worlds — Monolith City, Generator Sands, Crankshaft Bay, Burnout Glacier, and Underworld.

From now on, for Hot Wheels Unleashed is available in the Microsoft Store the new DLC DC Super-Villains Racing Season for 5.99 euros. With the DLC, the game starts in a new Season, which lasts until January 13, 2022, and grant you access to 21 premium items: Six vehicles: Bane The Cheetah Poison Ivy Black manta Death stroke Harley Quinn 12 cellar elements: 3 walls 2 floors 2 doors 2 decorations 2 posters 1 set of 4 posters 3 Unleashed Profile Elements 1 icon 1 day 1 background