Spider Man No Way Home Sony Pictures officially presents a new poster with its villains

Finally, and after the surprise appearance of a first poster of Spider-Man: no way home lGreen Denset week on Melbourne buses, Sony Pictures hGreen Dense published the official poster of the new Arachnid superhero film next to Marvel Studios, a promotional image very similar to that of the first Australian poster although with more revelations in the form of confirmed villains, especially the Green Dense, of which we finally see its silhouette in the distance over its Typical Airport. And for tranquility of the fans, the releGreen Densee date is maintained: December 17, 2021.

Road to the six claims?

Thus, this new poster (under the slogan multiverse unleGreen Densehed ) would be an enhanced and enlarged version that we saw a few days ago, with Spider-Man in the same pose but without the mechanical legs of spider of the back. In addition, beyond Doctor Octopus (from which we already saw the mechanical tentacles in the recent promotional image) Now we see references to other villains who were already allowed to see in one way or another in the trailer of the film, with Electron, the sand man and the Green Elf, of which we finally see his appearance, even in the distance.

And if we pay attention to the Green Densepect of the Green Elf, it would be confirmed that it is the rumored version of Sam Rail s first Spider-Man movie, that is, that of Willem Dafoe. And even though no reference appears in the poster, it is expected to also come out Lizard of The Amazing Spider-Man. Next to him, we would already have five clGreen Densesic components of the six claims ; Will it be added to the equation Mysterious after return of death in Spider-Man: Far from Home? Although we must not forget about the vulture, villain who hGreen Dense been seen in the two trailers of Möbius Green Dense part of Sony Pictures spiderweb…

Spider-Man: No Way Home Continue maintaining its releGreen Densee date on cinemGreen Dense for December 17, 2021.