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How to setup Prime Gaming To Claim free games

Amazon and Electronic Arts will shake hands in the future and go a closer partnership. That means for you: More gifts in the form of free games and free content. Assuming you are Amazon Prime customers. Because EA will increase the prime gaming subscription with its blockbusters properly. Which free content can dust you first, we ll betray.

EA and Amazon reinforce prime gaming

Amazon s plans to grow in the gaming industry, take more trains with the expansion of the Prime Gaming subscription. For this, the shipping giant thick fish gets into the boat. From now on Electronic Arts and Amazon will take a partnership. (Source: Prime Gaming Blog)

Most recently, EA had already begun with Xbox by accessing the Xbox Game passport with EA Play on a large range of blockbusters of the Publisher. Now EA continues to extend the reach of its games with the new Amazon cooperation.

The starting signal made on 01 . November The free Dragon Age: Inquisition, which can rank her in the Prime Gaming subscription. In addition, Amazon gives you in November eight more free games for the PC:


9 free games: Amazon gives you Tomb Raider, Control and more

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Secure these EA free content

However, with the new partnership, other concrete benefits have been released for you. From the 1st of December, the next free game waving Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered. 2022 Four other titles should follow.

To the free games expect you Prime exclusive content in the following games:

Apex Legends: From the 05th November there is the Prime Legend of the Month Bundle, based on Ash with an Epic Legend Skin, Rare Weapon Skin and Rare Legend Portrait
Battlefield 2042: To the launch there is a prime gaming bundle consisting of a specialist skin, Weapon Skin and Vehicle Skin

Also, for fans of coming EA sports games will soon give up great content about prime gaming.

Do you already know all the advantages of the prime subscription? This video shows you at a glance:

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