Bundesliga Next round in Qatar

Ruth Hoffmann (birthed May 23, 1986, in Augsburg) is a German Bayerns mediator for TV and also occasions.

FC Bayern Munich is getting stronger criticism for cooperation with Qatar. Club member Michael Out has made an application to end the sponsoring deal with Qatar Airways and now expressed themselves to the protest of active fans scene.

At the Bundesliga home game against the SC Freiburg, the Ultras of Bayern with a large banner criticized the club s president Herbert Gainer and the CEO Oliver Khan for cooperation with Qatar Airways. Both were mapped with bloody shirts and mash suitcases with Qatar imprint in front of a washing machine. The banner was rounded off with the saying We wash everything for money.

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For the coming annual general meeting on November 25, an application was submitted to terminate or leak the cooperation with the coming World Cup host. The contract between Bayern and Qatar Airways is still running until 2023.

Initiator of the Qatar application is looking forward to supporting the Ultras

Initiator of the application is association member Michael Out. The 28-year-old lawsuit of the Landgericht Mainz has now evidenced the picture to the great protest of active fans scene.

The Ultras expressed their support with the poster, we look forward to it very much. Especially because the Bureau so far tried to win the application, Out explained. The responsible persons of the record champion have not yet expressed the rapidly emerging protests.

Bayern-Ultras mit hartem Spruchband gegen Kahn & Co.! | FCB - SCF 2:1 | 1. Bundesliga
It is not only the fans in the southern curve, which have been pronounced against further cooperation with the desert state, which has been proven to have a number of human rights violations. Out is important to show that the application is not only supported by the Ultras, but by the entire width of the Bavaria fans.

Responsible for FC Bayern do not want to comment

The Presidium of Munich must publicly deal with the topic in the Audi Dome at the end of November, as it has to allow all applications that are legally and implementable. However, the members do not have a direct impact on the deal.

Khan and Gainer did not want to comment against the picture to Qatar. In the past, FC Bayern has repeatedly emphasized that the situation in the country only improve when there is a dialogue. The record champion regularly completes the winter training camp in Qatar. The state airline adorned for years the jersey of Munich. Around 20 million euros Pro brings the Bundesliga club according to picture informations.