Gislasons Extra Prapl for Klimpke and Birlm

On the goalkeeper was leaving. At the 30: 28 victory of the German handball players against the EM-Sixth Portugal, Till Glimpse and Joel Birth shone between the posts and emphatically recommended for further tasks. I am very pleased that the two, who have already played in the Bundesliga in the foreground, have brought a very good performance, said national coach Alfred Gílson the new goalkeeper team. This wants to confirm the good impression in the second international match against the Portuguese on this Sunday (15.00 clock) in Düsseldorf.

That does not mean that the door is for the other goalkeepers. But it will be difficult for you if both continue at this level.

Alfred Gílson

Above all, the longtime Stamen keeper Andreas Wolff from the Polish Top Association Five Piece is likely to be closely monitored the strong appearance of the duo from afar and has horned in the classification of the national trainer in relation to the European Championship in January. That does not mean that the door is for the other goalkeepers. But it will be difficult for you if both continue at this level.

Wolff (30), which had risen in 2016 at the EM triumph of the DUB selection to point 1, is currently athletic a difficult phase, according to Gílson, and was not considered for the international double pack against Portugal. The Oldies Johannes Bitter (39), who is only available in an emergency, and Silvio Harvester (37) does not role in the planning of the national trainer.

Glimpse and Birth already know each other

The 23-year-old Glimpse of the SG Regular, where Wolff once managed the breakthrough, and the one year older Joel Film from the SC DARK Leipzig embody the future. Both are already known from common times in the junior selection. He s a great guy, we have a great relationship, Teller Birth.

For the native Westphalia, which will change to the Rhine-Neckar Lower in the summer of 2023, it was on Friday evening in Luxembourg the country debut. I had goose bumps at the national anthem and enjoyed the game very much. It was greatly fun with the boys, said Film. With a number of parades, he had a large proportion that the game in the German weakness phase did not fully tip in the middle of the second half, as an eight-goal lead up to a hit melting together.

Glimpse, who completed his sixth international match, had repeated numerous balls in the first half and thus laid the basis for the comfortable 18: 13 pause management. Now both are committed to justify a new goalkeeper era. If you are allowed to play for Germany, you always do his best. I do not want to take away the place, but I continue to get gas. If it is enough and the national coach one nominated, you are glad, said Film. Anyway, Gílson is not bang for the future: Germany has never had problems on the goalkeeper position.