Qualcomm CEO I am improving the supply of smartphone chipset next year but I still have more demand

Cristiano Amon Qualcomm CEO (Chief Executive) said on the 4th (local time) Economic Media CNBC, The smartphone chipset supply will be improved next year, but it is still more demand than the supply, he said.

This is an interviewed after the announcement of 4Q Qualcomm (Local Time) of Qualcomm (2021) Announcement (2021).

Qualcomm 3Q09 sales increased by 12% YoY to $ 9.336 million (about 11.4 trillion won). This is a performance that exceeded $ 8.6 million dollars for analysts. The EPS per share (EPS) exceeded $ 2.26 to market for $ 2.55, which is 76% on the same period last year. Operating profit fell 16% YoY to $ 2.9 billion (about W5430bn).

In the field of sales, sales of 468 million won (about 5,540 billion won), especially the mobile phone handset increased by 56% YoY.

Cristiano Amon Qualcomm CEO said, We have established a foundry capacity plan, and the problem was prepared as a result of the problem, Qualcomm is prioritizing the supply of the most revenue. We are doing a good cell phone chipset business because of demand for quick 5G network devices, he added.

Qualcomm CEO on chip demand: We addressed the issue early, and we used multi-sourcing

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In the first quarter (2021 to December 2021), we will grow earlier in the new revenue source and the terminal other than the terminal, I have run the Oculus headset to sell a recent Me-ae Mission. Virtual reality and augmented reality devices are the potential growth engines other than smartphones.

The share price of Qualcomm on the 4th, rose 12.73% in a day that the 3Q earnings have announced the performance of the market exceeded the estimate.