Warriors will challenge the mystery tower with a fist 3D Dungeon Search Fighting ACT Fight Knight Released November 30 for STEAM

Team Sorcerobe announced that the release date of 3D dungeon fighting action Fight Knight was decided on November 30, 1121, Overseas.

This work is a work that combines dungeon search and speed fighter action factors of the first one-person perspective. The player will be Fight Knight to challenge the weapons to the weapon to the mysterious tower that continues to spread, and we will interact with the NPCs that meet the battle with the enemy, the mystery. This work conducts a KickStarter campaign in 2017 and has succeeded in the amount of support for four times the goal.

Touhou Dungeon 3D gameplay walkthrough, the first minutes of the game

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Players are attacking and avoiding, but fight against monsters in the tower by making full use of technologies such as counter and special move Specialties. In addition, gantlets and items with various effects and attributes are also available, and customizations can be made according to the player s style.

Fight Knight is scheduled to be released on November 30, 2002, Overseas for PC (STeam).